St. Peters Artist An Accomplished Painter, Poet And Life Coach

Jan Groenemann is a painter, award-winning poet, teacher and life coach. Groenemann said as a life coach, she loves helping others find their own creative voice, no matter what medium they may find it in.

St. Peters resident and artist Jan Groenemann had it all figured out at a young age.

“As a child, if anyone ever asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew I was going to be an artist, from as young as four years old,”  she said. 

The southern Missouri native paints abstract and mixed media art, often depicting nature. She holds a dual bachelor degree in art education and business and earned her master’s in studio art, with an emphasis in painting. In addition to painting, Groenemann is also an art instructor, a humanities professor at Lindenwood University, an award-winning poet and a certified life coach.

The painter said she got her start by entering in local art shows, but now works out of her home studio and her work has been represented in a variety of art galleries.

“I spent a couple of years participating in art fairs, but hauling everything  all over was too much with a family, so I went the gallery route instead, and gradually branched out to different parts of the U.S.,” she said.

In addition to teaching humanities at Lindenwood, Groenemann has been an art instructor for a quarter of a century. The artist said last year marked her twenty-fifth year of formal teaching out of her own private studio.  Groenemann teaches a variety of classes and workshops to all age groups at the St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre and in her own home studio.

While the artist wears many hats, painter, teacher, poet and life coach, she admits she loves helping others find their own creative voice, no matter what medium they may find it in.

“My love of painting is equaled by my love of guiding others to connect with their own incredible creative energy whether in learning to draw, paint, sculpt or learning to create the life they want,” she said.

Groenemann has used both her own personal success and her skills as a coach over the years to help other artists reach their goals.

 “It was called creativity coaching before the term life coaching was a popular, but I help artists determine how to start or boost their careers,” she said.

Groenemann added her job as a life coach is to guide and help others reach their goals.

 “As a life coach I’m not telling you what to do, I’m helping you determine how to get there,” Groenemann said of her skills.

For more information about Jan Groenemann’s work or her art classes, contact her via her website.


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