Amante Jewelry Store Relocates to St. Peters

Amante Jewelers recently relocated their jewelry store from the West County area to St. Peters.

Many people visit a jeweler when they’re shopping for that special piece of jewelry or when their favorite trinket is in need of repair, but a certain amount of trust is needed between a jeweler and the customer.

Juan Ramirez, owner of Amante Jewelers, said he understands how crucial that relationship is.

“Everything is built on trust and within the first 10 seconds when someone comes in, they know if they’re going to do business with you,” he said.

For Ramirez, a good relationship with his customers is built through rapport and making sure all their needs are met.

“Everyone says ‘We give excellent customer service,’ but we’re truly not happy until the customer is happy,” said Ramirez of his business philosophy.

Ramirez, who served in the Air Force and is a former police officer, has been on his own as a jeweler for more 30 years in the St. Louis area. He previously owned an established store in the West County area. He said he had been in that location since 1992, but recently relocated his business to St. Peters, since he lives in the area.

The new location for Amante Jewelers is located in the shopping plaza on Salt Lick Road in St. Peters. The store carries trinkets that will appeal to a wide-range of clients, featuring items from Ed Hardy baubles to Valina wedding rings.

The business offers a repair service and can make repairs on anything from a loose prong on a favorite ring to restoring vintage and estate jewelry to its original glory. Ramirez said he does a lot of work with loose stones. The jeweler said he can find stone replacements for old and heirloom pieces that are missing stones, and make custom designs as well.

“We cherry-pick our stones and we aim for a certain range of color and clarity as well as looking for the best cut out there,” Ramirez said.

Throughout his career as a jeweler, he has educated himself on the business. One way he did so was by taking a diamond course through the Gemological Institute of America. In addition, Ramirez said he is on the board of directors of Missouri Jewelers Association and he belongs to the St. Peters and O’Fallon chambers of commerce.

So how did an ex-police officer with military experience find himself in the jewelry business? According to Ramirez, he was looking for a change and had fond memories of visits to the jeweler as a child.

“The romance of it hit me, I remember going to the jewelry store with my dad and seeing the man with his crisp, white shirt and eye loop,” he said of his decision.

After 30 years in the business, Ramirez has proven that he has a knack for the industry and the career move wasn’t completely for nostalgic reasons.

“I love this job, I’m passionate about my jewelry and what I do.”

For more information about Amante Jewelers, call 636-397-1511 or visit their website.


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