Circle K Plans to Reopen Fire-Gutted Gas Station

Julie Powers, St. Peters director of planning, community and economic development, says the city has met with architects to go over plans.

Circle K plans to reopen its gas station at 6105 Mexico Road after a fire destroyed the St. Peters station on Jan. 14.

The fire started in a stock room in the back of the store after a furnace, which hung from the ceiling, heated up some combustible materials that had been stacked up very close to the heater. 

"What happened was the day was very cold so it ran for a long time," Central County Fire and Rescue Assistant Fire Chief Steve Brown. "It set the box of cups on fire." 

The unintentional fire destroyed the building. Brown said the fire was one of the larger commercial fires to which Central County has responded. 

No one was injured in the fire. Brown said despite the extreme cold and freezing water, no firefighters were injured either.

"We're glad nobody slipped and fell and got hurt," he said.  

After Central County Fire completed its investigation of the fire, the building was boarded up and secured. Several community members have wondered what the plans are for the building, which remains boarded up. 

Julie Powers, director of planning, community and economic development for St. Peters, said the city has met with Circle K, which plans to reopen the gas station. 

Circle K will have to apply for a special use permit and will likely appear before Planning and Zoning on April 3.

Since the gas station was originally built in the 1980s, the city has changed city codes for service stations. The new station would have to come into compliance. 

Powers said the city typically works with owners of buildings that have been burned to determine whether they plan to rebuild. If a site has been abandoned, the city's property maintenance codes and nuisance property codes would require them to remove the property. 

Representatives from Circle K did not return phone calls seeking comment. 


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