Readers Choose Kitaro Bistro of Japan as Best Sushi Place in St. Charles County

O'Fallon's Kitaro Bistro edged out Crazy Sushi in St. Peters in our poll.

The votes have been cast and we have a winner in our sushi challenge.

After all the nominees and the voting, in O'Fallon has come out on top. 

In an extremely close vote, in O'Fallon picked up one more vote than second-place in St. Peters to claim the victory. 

Here's how the voting broke down. 

  • in St. Peters 9 votes (23 percent)
  • in St. Charles 8 votes (20 percent)
  • Sushi Sen in Lake Saint Louis 7 votes (17 percent)
  • in Lake Saint Louis 0 votes (0 percent)
  • in O'Fallon 2 votes (5 percent)
  • in St. Peters 3 votes (7 percent)
  • in O'Fallon 10 votes (25 percent)

Thanks to everyone who voted and who nominated. 

Disagree with the votes? Got something to say about the winner? Let us know below. 

Check back on Monday for next week's Chowdown Showdown!

Tamara Duncan January 27, 2012 at 03:10 PM
Congrats, Kitaro! All the interest in sushi has made me think I may be missing out on something. Okay, you sushi aficionados, what's the best selection for a sushi novice to try?
Christopher Cook January 28, 2012 at 03:44 PM
The standard is California Roll which is cooked crab with avacado and cucumber. Also a must try is the Eel Roll which is also cooked, and has a really nice brown sugar soy sauce on top A Caterpillar Roll (which i know lucky sushi has) is an eel roll with avocado on top, wonderful Philadelphia Roll is cream cheese and cooked or smoked salmon Also check out the appetizers, i really enjoy seaweed salad to accompany my sushi, its thin stips of seaweed which have been marinated in a sweet sauce, really dont have anything to compare to. Miso soup is essentially a vegetable broth with cubes of tofu, it comes standard at some places, if not its only about $2. Its a nice lite way to start a meal. In terms of quantities, my wife usually gets 2 rolls and an appetizer (like crab rangoon), I will usually get 3 rolls and an appetizer. Also remember that "tempura" means fried, either the whole roll is deep fried or the fish/shellfish is fried, really adds a nice mix of textures.
Christopher Cook January 28, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Also to start, steer towards cooked, until you are adventuresome enough to try some raw. Don't eat raw sushi if you are pregnant.


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