St. Louis' Largest Fright Fest Emerges Friday in Eureka

Experience cockroaches, zombies and a new haunted maze at the 2012 Fright Fest at Six Flags St. Louis. By day, guests can have rides and attractions with a touch of Halloween, but by night the park becomes a haven of horrific haunts.

Six Flags St. Louis’ 2012 Fright Fest marks 25 years of the area’s largest Halloween celebration. Fright Fest provides "spooktacular" entertainment for all ages for four weekends, Oct. 5-28.  

A variety of not-so-scary shows and attractions for fright seekers of all ages fill the daylight hours. 

Macabre Mansion — Visitors can learn the story of the Macabre family misfortune while touring the family home where story telling takes place throughout the day and treat bags are given out to guests 12 years of age and under.

Love At First Fright — A Fright Fest favorite returns in the Palace Theatre as the Grand Witch searches for the perfect brain for her beloved Frankie. The wicked cast of this live musical includes Wolfe, Riff, The Bride of Frankenstein and more.

Deadman’s PartyThis musical revue on the Palace Theatre porch features special effects and dancing that is to die for.

Trick or Trance Hypnosis — Direct from Las Vegas, Steve Daily returns to the Empire Theatre, and offers audience volunteers the chance to be hypnotized on stage in front of their peers.

Phantom of Six Flags — Six Flags’ own phantom lures guests into the Palace Theatre lobby as he plays his memorizing music on a 13-foot pipe organ.

Hay Maze — Just for young ghouls and boys, this area offers some spooky twists and turns.

Beware the nighttime hours as the freaks are unleashed and terror rules the streets, stated Elizabeth Gotway, the park's public relations manager. "Guests will find fright and scares as they travel throughout the park, but some gruesome destinations are a must see."

Blind Fury  — New for 2012, this abandoned toy factory is filled with a disorienting maze of hallways, moving doors and vibrating walls made even more challenging by blinding lights, unnerving special effects and demented toys that have come to life.

The Slaughter House — Guests enter this haunted house through a foggy maze of corn stalks only to find themselves in the body storage room where the real terror begins.

Backlot Terror Tour — This haunted hayride takes guests on a tour through an abandoned movie set that is rumored to have become a less than credible research facility where the subjects have broken out.

Insanity Alley Unsettling sights and chilling characters lurk behind every turn in this outdoor maze filled with chaos and fear. Surrounded by darkness, it is every man, or freak, for himself. 

Sinister Clown Compound — Seems the “dead top” circus has come to town but they have no intention of leaving. Those passing through this twisted camp of evil clowns are in for the show of their lives.

Zombieville All are welcome in this quiet little town that sits atop the hill. In fact the flesh eating, mutant zombies who live there can’t wait to invite passersby with open arms and gnashing teeth.

P.T. Barnum’s Side ShowThe Rotten Bros. perform their hair-raising, spine-tingling feats, including fire juggling, sword swallowing, knife juggling and more.

Friday Night Frights

Each Friday night, guests can take on the harrowing challenge of eating cockroaches or showing off their inner zombie. On Oct. 5 and 19, guests can spin the Wheel of Fright to determine how their live, hissing cockroach will be served. A spin may give a lucky guest a pass or it may give them the Gruesome Twosome featuring two fresh cockroaches; the Squirting Scramble with complimentary, tasty toppings; Slim Pickin’s which lets guests pick out their own cockroach or Roll The Die where the number rolled is the number eaten.  

On Oct. 12 and 26 park goers are invited to show off their inner zombie as selected guests dress in Six Flags-approved costumes, and let the audience vote on who has the best zombie-like aura. Contestants each night will be randomly selected from a drawing, and receive a prize package which includes a pass to the front of the line on a ride of their choice, Six Flags money and more.

Fright Fest takes place Fridays 6-11 p.m.; Saturdays noon to 11 p.m. and Sundays, noon to 8 p.m. Oct. 5–28. Fright Fest activities may vary by day and weather conditions. 

Guests purchasing a 2013 Season Pass can enjoy all of next season and attend this year’s Fright Fest, too, said Gotway. With the purchase of four or more season passes at $49.99 (plus tax) each, and when the passes are purchased and processed by Oct. 28, guests will get a free season parking pass for each pass and a free upgrade to the new “Gold Season Pass,” which includes exclusive events and an additional bring a friend ticket.


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