Sir Limps A Lot—An Endearing Tale of a Local Goose Rescue in Progress

Sir Limps A Lot, a hurt Canada goose who has a whole community rooting for his rescue, wish us luck.

I regularly get calls of distress from people asking for assistance with animals in need, and this time of year, my phone rings off the hook.  It is baby season, and young'uns in distress and the parents that may get into trouble helping them are high volume for me and add to my extra-ordinarily high workload of spring.

I got an email yesterday from a Good Samaritan.  She and her co-workers have been concerned about a Canada goose that is lame on an island in their parking lot of their office park near Olive and 270.  For some reason, this goose is very, very lame and has had very close encounters with cars, and they are very concerned for his welfare. They feed him fruits and vegetables (geese eat grass, if you must supplement, a 9 or 12 grain bread treat is a good supplement).  They gave him a pan of water, which he must be drinking, since a pond is nearby and he is not ambulatory, but the little birds are using his water bowl as a personal spa. 

The woman (a Saint!), who contacted me via my work email, had spent hours of her personal time scouring the networks for help for him.  She had contacted the zoo, the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Missouri Wildlife Rescue Center, etc., but to no avail.  Her co-workers remembered my Fox 2 News piece of a few weeks ago, and they found me somehow.  I am glad to help!

So we are meeting - she and I with several of her co-workers and their husbands - to try to catch Sir Limps A Lot.  This could be difficult, as he is flighted, and if so, we may need to wait until June or so until he goes into molt and cannot fly.  We run the risk of him learning who I am (it takes about two meetings and they learn what my car looks like and who I am, they are so amazingly brilliant!).

So, anyone wanna help catch Sir Limps A Lot?  Give me a call on my business line - 314.956.1310 - and I can give you the details of where to go.  We are planning to meet at 9:30 am on Sunday, trying for an empty parking lot and lack of traffic (Church people off the road).  Wild geese captures are often a multi-attempt, can be very frustrating and disappointing, and yet, I persevere until I can try for a happy ending.

I'll keep "us" up to date as this transpires, let me know if anyone can help, there will be vet bills, too, as well as gas bills and time of work, so there are many ways to help, call me for any reason!

Dorene, humbled to know people who name wild geese and want to help them, they are walking blessings!

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