Sir Limps A Lot Getting Ready To Be Released

Sir Limps A Lot's release is coming soon back to the wild - watch for it, Fox 2 News is interested in filming it

Hello Readers:

First, I must apologize that I have been absent without checking in.  I have been dealing with a very severe family issue that has been keeping me in and out of check. Things are getting a bit more stable now and I will be back to my regular routine.

I plan on trying to set up a regular column schedule of posting Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, but I am female, so I could spring changes here and there by invoking my "Girl Card" (wink).

Anyway, I want to thank all of you have expressed concern about Sir Limps A Lot.  He has been a very good patient at the Wildlife Rescue Center, and is healing nicely, and a release site is being researched for him. His release will be soon, it is believed, and Paul Schankman from Fox 2 is interested in following up with him.  Paul, I sure hope that I am spelling your last name correctly and sorry if not!  My program does not allow me to switch to a different screen to check, and I hate it when people spell all three of my names incorrectly, a usual occurrence. 

Paul has already chosen an ADORABLE new name for him - watch for it - I don't want to give it away!  His interest, compassion, and humour have made my experience with this goose all the more valuable.  It is rare for people to care about these animals, often considered nuisance waterlife.  Fair Maiden Wendi and her office co-workers showed such care and concern for him, and are a breath of fresh air. This time of year is nesting season, when the hens sit on their clutches on their nests and the ganders very aggressively protect her and her eggs.  Since the nests are often built in close proximity to human contact (office parks, parking lots, planter boxes) hatred of geese run very high this time of year.

Sir L's footage was the second very, very positive and sympathetic piece posted by Paul to express sympathy and understanding of the conflict of human habitation sharing space with wild life "living rooms", and I cannot thank him enough for that.  I had one very, very nasty and negative post sent to my personal email inbox from someone chastising me for my love for geese, but it has been over shadowed by all those that have appreciated the right of a wild animal to exist where it existed before humans moved into their original area of habitation.

So keep posted! His release might not coincide with my planned schedule of posts, so it will be followed up with a post on that day with the link to Paul's/Fox 2 New's footage of it.

Well wishes to all,


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Doug Miner June 03, 2012 at 06:06 PM
Great to have you back, Dorene! Glad to hear the good news about Sir L, too.
Jean Whitney June 04, 2012 at 06:34 AM
Yes Dorene. We missed you out here too!
Dorene Olson June 05, 2012 at 11:00 AM
Thanks you guys, happy Tuesday. I am about to blog about a very serious issue, I hope that it makes today's post.


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