St. Peters Water Sharing Agreement With St. Louis Nearing Renewal

The city of St. Peters is getting closer to extending a water sharing contract with the city of St. Louis.

to the Board about renewing the water sharing agreement between the cirty and St. Louis. 

At the November meeting, the Board gave gave premission to go forward with the city and negoitate a new agreement. Now, four months later, the city of St. Louis has finally got the agreement ready for apporval. During Thursday's Aldermen meeting, Batzel said St. Louis is ready to enter into the agreement and the Board will need to sign on to officially extend the deal. 

Back in 1985 the city of St. Peters joined up with St. Charles to purchase water from the city of St. Louis. With growing communities, the two cities joined up with St. Louis to have two sources of water for residents.

The original agreement called for a 20-year deal with a 10-year option. In 2005, after the first 20 years had gone by, all groups involved exercised the option. Now 26 years into the agreement, a new deal is being discussed. St. Louis, St. Peters and St. Charles all have preliminarily agreed to a new 30-year deal with four 10-year options. The agreement allows the St. Peters and St. Charles to get up to 31 million gallons of water a day. Currently the two use about 17 or 18 million.

The Board is expected to vote on the agreement at the April 26 meeting. 


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