St. Peters Works to Clear Residential Streets

As of 2 p.m. Friday, snow plows had nearly finished plowing city, City Director of Transportation said.

St. Peters had 30 snow plows working yesterday and today trying to clear the streets of more than five inches of snow and sleet that fell Thursday. 

Despite the city's efforts, several residents complained that they hadn't had a snow plow on their streets by noon Friday. 

One resident said on the St. Peters Patch Facebook page that Spencer Trail, the road on which her parent's live hadn't been touched yet. 

Burt Benesek, director of transportation for St. Peters, said the crews followed the city's plan for clearing snow which involves prioritizing major routes such as Mid Rivers Mall Drive, Mexico Road and Jungermann, as well as collector roads like Willot and McClay.

Secondary subdivision streets and cul de sacs are the lowest priority, he said. 

"I understand everyone's frustration," he said. "We know our crews are working as absolutely fast as they can. It is important that we have a plan and that we follow that plan. Our plan is trying to take care of the routes that carry the most traffic first."

The timing of the storm made a difference in this case, with the bulk of it falling in the middle of the afternoon and as people were trying to get home from work. 

At one point, Benesek said he had to make the decision to keep the crews out plowing the arterial and collector streets instead of moving onto the residential collectors. "We were just trying to keep up," he said. 

As of 2 p.m. Friday, Benesek said the 34 plows he had out had almost finished clearing the cul de sacs in the city and were moving on to clearing the homes in the Driveway Access Program, which clears driveways for the elderly and handicapped. 

Benesek said he planned to have another night crew out on Friday evening trying to finish everything up. 

"There's light at the end of the tunnel," he said.  

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