The Place With the Best Doughnuts in St. Charles County is ...

Heaven Scent Bakery in O'Fallon wins our Chowdown Showdown this week.

The votes have been cast and we have a winner in our doughnut challenge. 

After all the nominees and the voting  in O'Fallon has come out on top. 

gave Heaven Scent a hearty endorsement saying: "No one in Missouri can compare to the doughnuts at Heaven Scent!!"

Fellow users agreed. While not a runaway winner, Heaven Scent racked up the most votes and coasted to victory. 

Here's how the voting broke down. 

  • Heaven Scent Bakery in O'Fallon: 29 votes (42%)
  •  in St. Charles: 4 votes (5%)
  •  in St. Charles: 18 (26%)
  •  in St. Peters: 17 votes (25%)

Thanks to everyone who voted and who nominated. 

Disagree with the votes? Got something to say about the winner? Let us know below. 

Check back on Monday for next week's Chowdown Showdown!

Rich Pope December 25, 2011 at 02:48 AM
I'm glad the Patch made it to where there was only one vote per person. No more 500 votes by one person for a steak house again!


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