The Top 6: Bar Assault, Mail Fraud and an Unwanted Bear Hug

Check out the top-6 most-read stories from the week of Oct. 22.

You're busy—we get that. You don't have time to read everything. You just want the highlights, right?

Well we've got you covered. Check out the six most popular stories this week, based on readers' views. 

  1. St. Joseph Cottleville Church Charity Treasurer Pleads Guilty to Mail Fraud
  2. Man Helps Himself to Supermarket Chicken After Stuffing Vodka in his Pants
  3. St. Peters Man Indicted for Alleged Possession of Child Pornography
  4. St. Peters Police Blotter: Man Arrested for Giving Unwanted 'Bear Hug'
  5. St. Peters Police Blotter: Father Pulls Collapsable Baton on Officers Responding to Medical Call


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