Where Are the Best Sledding Hills in St. Peters?

Add the hills to our map of St. Peters and share your favorite sledding photos.

Where are the best places to sled in St. Peters?

Laurel Park has several great sledding hills, according to a user on Foursquare.

A hill near Hawthorne Elementary School also offers a place for younger sledders to play.

We've created an interactive map where you can add any locations you know of that have some small, big or in-between-sized sledding hills.

We've created this interactive map, and we hope you'll add to it! We'd like to know about the best places to go sledding around town. View the map on Google here.

To add an address, you must be logged into a Google account.

(1) View the map on Google
(2) Hit the "edit" button
(3) Click the blue "add a placemark" icon
(4) Click on the location on the map you'd like to add
(5) Add a title (e.g. the address)
(6) Hit "OK" -- you're done!

If you'd rather leave the address in the comments below, that's fine too. We'll plug the details into the map.


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