Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes on Proposition P

Citizens for a Better St. Peters Chairperson Chris Winslow says passing Prop P is the right thing to do.

voters will have the chance to solve a major problem for our city and to help preserve our quality of life by voting yes on on August 7, 2012.

Proposition P will pay for stormwater projects across our city that have an estimated cost of nearly $120 million dollars and take care of our great parks and trails system.

We haven’t got a choice. We’ve got federal requirements we have to meet to stop flooding, pollution and erosion. All we have to do is look at the problems with MSD in St. Louis and St. Louis County to see what could happen if we don’t plan ahead to solve the stormwater issues. That’s just part of the challenge facing our city.

Most St. Peters residents live within one mile of a park or a trail. I can’t imagine living anywhere else with our wonderful quality of life. Our family appreciates all of these amenities including our .

I’ve compared the costs we pay in St. Peters with some of my friends and family in other St. Charles County municipalities. Our trash costs are lower. Our water and sewer costs are lower. Our city property taxes are lower. My friends don’t get the services we do. For example, in St. Charles, they only have trash pick-up once a week. We get it twice a week in St. Peters. This four-tenths of a cent sales tax also keeps our sales tax rate right about in the middle. We’re lower than most, and higher than some, but we’re definitely not the highest.

Proposition P only adds four cents to your bill when you buy something for $10 in St. Peters. Paying for the stormwater improvements and taking care of our parks and trails through Proposition P spreads the cost to non-residents. It’s a smart, St. Peters way to solve big, expensive problems.

Please vote yes on Prop P August 7.

Chris Winslow
Chairperson - Citizens for a Better St. Peters

Jaycen Rigger July 31, 2012 at 02:56 PM
What others pay for services isn't relevant to what WE should pay. That's a nonsense debating point. It's like saying "all the other kids are paying too much so we should, too." The only REAL concern is the federal mandate. That's ridiculous, because we shouldn't have to clean rain water. I notice this article drags errosion into the equation. How does rain water treatment help errosion?
William Braudis July 31, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Mr. Winslow, thank you for your support of Proposition P. Your Comment well bring out the looneys, as indicated in Mr. Rigger's un-educated Comment. Be prepared for others who can roll a reefer with one hand but can not fine their ... with both hands
will July 31, 2012 at 11:58 PM
How much more will it cost the average resident for the cart of groceries they must buy each week; how much extra for every vehicle they will ever purchase? Don't put that wallet away too soon, you will be paying extra for every purchase you ever make; school supplies, clothes, appliances, electronics, EVERYTHING. Sounds like a lot more than 4 cents to me. Don't be misled by proponents of this NEW tax. St. Peters residents pay the highest total property tax rates in the county, some cities may have higher city rates but these include extra services that we're assessed seperately for, such as fire protection. Feel free to check the county collector's website. Of the 60 sales tax districts in the county, if this new tax is passed, only 2 sales tax districts in the county will have higher rates than we do. 10 tax districts will be the same as ours and the rest will be lower. That's nowhere near the "middle" and definitely NOT "lower than most". Again, check with the MO dept. of revenue. The inclusion of MSD's situation is only meant to scare or confuse residents into worrying about higher fees. They were cited for dumping RAW SEWAGE in the River Des Peres; this has nothing to do with rainwater. The hotel/motel tax that was passed on 02-07-2012 was supposed to pay for our parks. Where's all this money going now? Don't believe everything you hear from those trying to reach deeper into your pocket; get the real facts. Apparently "P" is for propaganda.
tim dolan August 02, 2012 at 01:42 AM
there should be two propositions one for water sewer. one for parks. i am tired of politicians pggy backing bills . i have asked to see if EPA or MODNR are sending letters to St. Peters- the answer is no. there is no cieling on $ collected, or sunset on this. so if economy turns around, there will be lots of $ to spend. we can not let politicians go unfettered. where is master plan for parks?
katie August 02, 2012 at 05:45 PM
Exactly...why are these related....and learn to budget st peters. Let's try and do basic needs and mandates before monuments like the over the top justice center and Olympic qualifying pools.
katie August 03, 2012 at 12:57 AM
Will- great comment. All true. Let's at least be honest. I guess me braudis thinks any one who wouldn't jump to pay higher taxes is getting high. We couldn't possibly be tired of being overtaxed and having our money spent on ridiculous stuff like an I 370 tv park. Really?
will August 03, 2012 at 02:16 PM
Thanks Katie: I'm simply trying to provide voters with the real truth instead of all the inaccurate and misleading information being provided to them by city officials and members of the tax promotion commitee (Citizens for a Better(?) St. Peters). As the city whines about utility costs rising, it fails to mention the windfall it has reaped from the 30% Ameren rate increase since 2007 that has resulted in a 30% increase in the amount of utility taxes collected. With another 14% rate increase on the horizon the city will see yet another increase in utility tax receipts. If the voters believe that nonresidents are going to be paying for all the city over-spending through higher sales taxes, they are merely deluding themselves. As the taxes continue to rise, more shoppers will opt to shop in surrounding areas where the tax rates are lower. This will surely lead to more business closures and more vacant property. With the sales tax holiday coming this weekend, St. Peters has once again opted out, while most surrounding communities are participating. This puts our businesses at a disadvantage. In order to stay competitive, they'll need to lower prices to compensate for higher taxes. How long do you think they'll tolerate "eating" this difference before they too move on to greener pastures? Bottom line is, sooner or later the residents are going to end up "holding the bag" for all the overspending that our elected officials are committing us to.


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