Man Grew 89 Plants in Basement of Defiance Home, Police Say

The accused man told sheriff's deputies he would not turn himself in, but was moving back to Colorado.

St. Charles County Drug Task Force detectives found 89 marijuana plants growing in a home in the Defiance area.

Scott Heining, 36, of the 2900 block of South Highway 94, was charged with producing a controlled substance, possessing marijuana and possessing drug-related items.

detectives said they were investigating Heining and served a search warrant on his home Sept. 4.

They found 89 marijuana plants in his basement, five grow lights and two air filters used to cultivate the plants, according to a task force report.

Deputies contacted Heining on his cell phone Sept. 5. He told them he would not turn himself in, but was going back to Colorado, according to the report. Heining has a crime history in Kansas and Colorado, detectives said.

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Thomas Neer December 02, 2012 at 08:56 PM
Who cares! Why are we not focusing on the drugs that destroy, kill, and addict people, while, destroying their families in the process. Marijuana is known for many beneficial aspects and some, such as, cancer patients actually need this so that they can have an appetite after chemo therapy without feeling nausea. It also helps with pain, where as, the other alternative is opiates which is derived from heroin. Please quit wasting our hard working tax payers money on going after these harmless people who cultivate marijuana. They actually need to be thanked for helping so many have a more enjoyable life after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Plus have you ever heard of someone being addicted to marijuana? No! Because it has been scientifically proven not to have any habitual forming aspects. And do people get violent and aggressive after consuming marijuana? I don't think so! They are some of the most laid back easy going individuals you'll ever come across. PLEASE WAKE UP!! Go do your job! Which is to serve and protect and quit harassing these people who choose to grow, smoke, consume, and advocate marijuana.


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