Pair Arrested After Trying to Steal From Macy's, Victoria's Secret

A pair of St. Louis County residents attempted to use an altered to shopping bag to bypass security to shoplift from Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters.

A modified shopping bag didn't help two St. Louis County residents elude St. Peters Police at Mid Rivers Mall. 

Damesha M. Mitchell, 19, and Claudell Webb Jr., 22, were arrested by St. Peters Police after attempting to steal nearly $1,000 worth of merchandise from Macy's and Victoria's Secret. Both were charged with a Class C felony stealing charge for theft of items more than $500. 

According to police, an officer observed Mitchell and Webb enter a fitting room with a Forever 21 shopping bag and several Polo shirts and hats at Macy's on Dec. 14. The pair then exited the fitting room with less merchandise than they had entered with. The officer said the duo then left the store without attempting to purchase anything. 

After a brief struggle, both were caught and escorted to Macy's security room. The Forever 21 shopping bag was found to be line with aluminium foli and duct tape—a process police said is used to bypass the security sensors. Inside the bag police found several items from Macy's and Victoria's Secret, some with and some without security tags. 

Police said the items taken from Macy's were valued at at $722. The items from Victoria's Secret were valued at $210.50. After a search of the duo's vehicle, police discovered $526.86 worth of merchandise from Marshalls. 

According to the probable cause statment, Mitchell, from the 1200 block of Hafner Place, told police she came Mid Rivers Mall to steal. 

Webb, of the 200 block of Meadowcrest, was apprehended by police wearing a Ralph Lauren vest jacket with a Macy's price tag still attached. Officers noticed his shoes also had a tag on them, but he refused to remove his shoes. 

The pair were charged Dec. 17, 2012. Bond was set at $15,000, cash only. 

Keepalowprofile March 26, 2013 at 04:05 PM
" Officers noticed his shoes also had a tag on them, but he refused to remove his shoes. " The officer has a gun... Right? The officer should have made him remove the shoes.
Freedom for all April 05, 2013 at 01:59 PM
That cop was racially profiling. He should just let them go because they don't have jobs and they should be able to get this stuff for free. Any minority should get free everything, healthcare, food, clothes and they should get high paid jobs if they want them before whites. It's harder to get stuff when you are poor so it should be given to them. Just like in South Africa when they killed off and forced the whites from their farms and gave them to the black people. The same principal should apply in the US. The whites should give up 80% if their money to the Hispanics and blacks until they are prosperous. That way it is fair , the right thing to do is give their fair share and help minorities. Praise our great president Obama for taking these steps. Enough white dominance.
William Braudis May 21, 2013 at 02:28 AM
Freedom for all According to your Comment, it would appear that you are asking me to share one half of my money and property with these types of animals. Would this mean that I should share one half of my 30:06, ammunition with them. Since the front half is the best half they are welcome to it.


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