Police: Man Damaged Stepfather's Video System, Stole Jewelry and Ran Through Fence

St. Peters Police said the man's stepfather was monitoring his home on his cell phone and came home when the camera disconnected. He installed the camera to keep his stepson out.

A man accused of burglarizing his stepfather’s house told police he ripped wiring for a surveillance system out of the wall “because he was mad at the victim for installing video cameras,” according to St. Peters Police.

The man ran through a wooden fence to escape the home as the homeowner arrived, according to a court document.

Michael Anthony Glatz, 18, was charged Monday with second-degree burglary and felony theft. He also was charged March 21 with four counts of passing a bad check.

Glatz’ stepfather called police and told them he was watching his home surveillance system on his cell phone while at work. He saw a shadow on his living room wall, and a few minutes later the camera was disconnected, he told police.

He immediately went to his house in the 1400 block of Ticonderoga Drive and found his surveillance system unplugged and the extension cord and outlet damage. St. Peters Police said he was able to recover footage that showed Glatz entered his home

The man told police Glatz is not allowed in his home, and that’s why he installed a surveillance system.

He also reported jewelry missing, including a men’s cobalt titanium ring with black diamonds valued at $200, a 24-carat gold ring with diamonds valued at $200 and a woman’s Bulova watch valued at $550.

Police found the watch in the backyard near the man’s fence. Eight wooden pickets were damaged.

After he was arrested, Glatz told police he saw his stepfather arrive home and ran out the back door and through the fence to get away. Glatz told police he was high on Xanax, according to a court document.

Glatz said he thought he dropped some jewelry when he ran through the fence, according to a court document. He also said he planned to paw the jewelry and admitted he uses prescription drugs and methamphetamine.

Glatz is in St. Charles County jail. Bail was set at $25,000, cash only, and he can have no contact with the victims.

Prosecutors also  said Glatz also cashed four checks on a First Financial Credit Union account from March 7 through March 12. He deposited the checks, totaling $2,420, into a US Bank account and then withdrew the money, knowing there was not enough cash in the checking account.

Bail on the bad check charges was set at $1,500, cash only.

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William Braudis April 01, 2013 at 08:06 PM
And to think that he was at the head of his High School Class.
Freedom for all April 10, 2013 at 02:36 PM
Drugs.........High on Xanax? Isn't that a depressant? Doesn't matter if he was head of his high school class, you can be Einstien and do stupid stuff on drugs. He needs HELP don't crucify him yet. He can get turned around. Dumba@@ community doesn't want to help anyone. Just point your finger and say " to think he was head of his High School Class" same morons that are on the opposite side of the highway stopping to look at a crash so they have something to talk about.


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