St. Peters Police Blotter: A Thief Takes A TV, Xbox and A Sword

Other items in the St. Peters Police blotter include: counterfeit money and a stolen air conditioner unit.

The following are selected reports from the . 

• Incident No. 8076: Stealing,10000 block of Elm Point Road. An air conditioning unit was stolen from a closed business. The unit was valued at approximately $2,000. There are no suspects at this time.

• Incident No. 8258: Forgery, 5000 block of Veterans Memorial Parkway. A ,ale tenant paid for hotel fee with a counterfeit bill. The fake bill went unnoticed until the following day. Active investigation.

• Incident No. 8329: Burglary, 1000 block of Grand Teton. A suspect entered apartment and took a $1,500 television, a $300 Xbox, a sword and a bow and arrow. There was no forced entry on residence.Possible suspect information, but it's still an active investigation.  

• Incident No. 8433: Property damage, 200 block of Jungermann Road. A Car was broken into on business parking lot and the victim’s purse, including wallet, cell phone, cash, and two debit cards were stolen. The suspect used a rock to smash passenger window. Incident was caught on surveillance and possible suspect identified. Active investigation.


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