St. Peters Police Blotter: Laptop, GPS, TV, Nook and More Taken from Car

Also in the St. Peters crime report, a deposit was missing from a business.

The following are selected reports from the St. Peters Police Department.

• Incident No. 30834: Stealing felony, 4600 block of Mexico Road. Deposit money was missing from a business. Active investigation.

• Incident No. 30854 – Stealing felony, first block of Circle Way. An unknown person(s) stole a boxed swing set ($300) off of the roof of victim’s vehicle overnight. The unknown person also entered her vehicle, by breaking the sunroof and stole a $2,000 laptop computer, $500 GPS, two electronic notebooks ($200 each), dance shoes ($200 a pair), flat screen TV, Barnes and Noble nook ($100), three winter coats, a scooter and miscellaneous clothing.

• Incident No. 30861: Assault/Property Damage. 200 block of 2nd Street. Ex-boyfriend damaged ex-girlfriends vehicle by keying it. The damage was estimated at approximately $800. Active investigation.


Tom Barr December 28, 2012 at 06:32 AM
Incident No. 30854- I feel sorry for the person who lost this stuff to thieves but why would you leave all that in a car over night? Should've been in the trunk or inside the house.
Keepalowprofile February 21, 2013 at 09:43 PM
@Incident No. 30854 I'm with Tom on this one... Why would you leave all that stuff outside?


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