St. Peters Police Blotter: Watch, iPod and Handgun Taken from Car

Other items in the St. Peters Police blotter include: keys stolen from a locker and a stolen purse.

The following are selected reports from the .

• Incident No. 17928: Stealing, first block of Green Circle Court. An unknown person(s) entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole an iPod, a men’s watch and a handgun. St. Peters Police have no suspects.

• Incident No. 18095: Stealing, 3000 block of North St. Peters Parkway. An unknown white male subject stole victim’s car keys, which were left in an unsecure locker at a gym. The suspect them took debit card from victim’s wallet and made several transactions on debit card.

• Incident No. 18181: Burglary, first block of Long Branch Court. The garage door was left open and items—a wallet and Gatorade— from vehicle were stolen. No suspects at this time.

• Incident No. 18273: Stealing, 5000 block of Suemandy Drive. The victim’s purse was left unattended in business and a wallet was stolen from the purse. No suspects at this time. The wallet contained debit card and cash.


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