St. Peters Police: Man Charged with Choking Family Members

Police said the man was drunk and the women did not know why he assaulted them.

A St. Peters man was charged Friday with choking two people.

John V. Davis II, 38, of the 3000 block of Valley Vista Drive South in , faces a second-degree domestic assault and third-degree assault charges.

said Davis was drunk and the reason for the assault in the man's home was unknown. Police said in a report that he choked and punched both victims. He also pulled an earring out of one victim’s ear, tearing her ear lobe.

Both victims required medical treatment. One had a torn ear lobe and red marks on her face, neck, chest and arms. The second had a cut lip and red marks on her neck.

Bond was set at $20,000 cash only.

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Judith Davis August 22, 2012 at 03:00 AM
Was this report from the victims statements or was this from anyone in the home where this took place, to explain what started the situation. Was the older person that was supposedly assaulted asked what her reason was for coming to the accused home in the first place. The reason that there is nothing mentioned about what started the situation is apparently the policeman didn't listen to the owner of the ressidance. Also, was the older women checked to see if she was drinking, like the owners of the ressidence ask them to do. That answer would be no, I know for a fact that she come to the ressidence for a bar. There were marks on both women because there was a struggle. Look at the photo of the accused. Looks beat up to me. Innocent until proven guilty. Right?
john doe October 11, 2012 at 09:37 AM
looks like Meth involved to me not alcohol just look at his face
Kelly Hinkle November 27, 2012 at 07:18 PM
HAAAAAAAAAA I have seen this loser around!!! He is known to be a druggie and a thief!! so your probably right John doe- Meth or some drugs were involved.


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