St. Peters Police News: Car Accidents, Murder Trial and More

Miss any St. Peters Police news? Here's a roundup of coverage from the Week of September 10.

In case you missed it, here are St. Peters crime stories published the week of Sept. 10, 2012.

  • Man Gave False Name, Drove Under Influence of Drugs, Trooper Says
  • Expert From St. Charles: Gun Fired a Foot From Former St. Peters Man's Kids' Faces
  • Gift Card Bargain Turns Into Felony Charge
  • St. Peters Police Seeking Man Who Lured 11-Year-Old Girls with Frisbee
  • Blood Expert Pokes Holes in Former St. Peters Man's Killing Story
  • Prosecution Rests in Former St. Peters Resident's Murder Case
  • Nicked: Man Steals Hundreds of Razor Blades Valued at $4,100, Police Say

Accident Reports

  • Rain-Slicked Roads Injure St. Peters Residents
  • St. Peters Man Uninjured in Collision on Interstate 70
  • St. Peters Trucker Unharmed After Being Rear-Ended

Police Blotters

  • St. Peters Police Blotter: Two Males Arrested for Drinking, Damaging Mail Boxes
  • St. Peters Police Blotter: 500 Feet of Electrical Wire Stolen from House
  • St. Peter Police Blotter: Renovated Home Damaged Causing $3,000 Worth of Repairs
  • St. Peter Police Blotter: Thrown Soda Cans Damage Car
  • St. Peters Police Blotter: Hot Tub Cover Damaged By Thrown Rocks


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