St. Peters Police Recover Stolen Items from Car Clouting Incidents

Police in St. Peters hope to return stolen goods back to their owners.

The St. Peters Police Department arrested two subjects last week who admitted to car clouting and have recovered nearly 100 pieces of stolen propert.

“Car clouting” is a crime of smashing car windows and stealing the contents inside. The subjects admited to breaking into numerous unlocked vehicles in the St. Peters/Cottleville area. The suspects admitted to stealing from more than 20 vehicles in several neighborhoods on the Ohmes/Birdie Hills area during the times of April 30 through May 3 of this year. 

A large amount of stolen property was recovered from the suspects, but the St. Peters Police Department has been unable to locate the owners of the property because a majority of the property had not been reported stolen by the victims.

The police currently have almost a 100 stolen property items that are unclaimed at the station and hopes to return them to the rightful owners. Some of the items recovered are GPS units, cameras, sunglasses, various music devices, and knives.

The St. Peters Police Department is asking for anyone who had their vehicle broken into during this time frame and location, to contact the police department at 636-278-2222 to file a police report.

Disgruntled with lame judges May 17, 2011 at 12:45 AM
Thats great, they will probably get off with probation for all the damage and destruction that they did. Just like the 2 hoodlums that broke into 70+ cars in one night in St. Peters, stole 2 cars and got caught. Costing taxpayers over 40,000 in damages to their personal property. Guess what they got, 1 year probation.....Our Justice system at work...Judges...gets some balls and put some teeth into the laws and make it a crime that is feared, one that they don't want to face a juge over, not a wothless slap on the wrist.


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