Update: Zumwalt West Middle School Teacher Allegedly Videotapes Students

Earlier in June, Matt Hansen, 38, of Lincoln County, was found in possession of child porn on his home computer.

A teacher who with possession of child pornography earlier this month, also allegedly taped students undressing while away at camp. 

Matt Hansen, 38, taught seventh grade math in the district since 2004, and was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the police investigation. 

According to a letter from Superintendent Bernard DuBray posted on the district's website, Hansen also assisted with the district's Fifth Grade Outdoor Education Program.

"Since his arrest, the Cyber Crimes Unit found evidence that Mr. Hansen secretly and inappropriately videotaped some students at the Outdoor Education Program," DuBray wrote, adding that he had not personally seen the tapes.

DuBray said according to police, the footage showed male students undressing for the shower. Hansen attended fifth grade camp with students at Progress South, Lewis and Clark and .

"The tapes are currently in police custody and will remain there. We have no evidence that Mr. Hansen did anything other than videotape students, or that he shared the videotapes with anyone else," he wrote.

According to the letter, the investigation is ongoing and once the students in the videos have been identified, parents will be contacted.

"Words cannot adequately express how disappointed I am that this has occured," DuBray wrote. "As we move forward we will be reviewing all camp program procedures to determine if any modifications for the future need to be considered."

To read DuBray's entire letter, click here.



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