Woman Charged with Third Stealing Attempt in 2012

Police said the woman tried to steal a trash can worth $13.84 from the St. Peters Walmart.

A woman is charged with attempting to steal a trash can from the

Heather Villarreal, 38, was Monday with misdemeanor stealing, her third stealing charge in 2012. She also faces two stealing charges in O’Fallon.

said in a report that Villarreal paid for $80 in merchandise at Walmart on Sunday, and showed the cashier a receipt for the trash can in her shopping cart. Walmart security stopped her and found the receipt for an identical trashcan purchased earlier from the Wentzville Walmart. The trash can was valued at $13.84.

Previously, Villarreal was charged with trying to return store merchandise she didn’t purchase at the O’Fallon Walmart. Police said she collected merchandise in the store and tried to return it using an old receipt. She also is charged with stealing items from a Walgreens store in O’Fallon in February.

St. Peters Police said Villarreal does not have a permanent address, but was staying at a Wentzville motel.


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