City Approves Contracts, Mid Rivers Mall Drive and Williott Road Will Be Resurfaced Next Summer

The Board of Aldermen approved agreements with St. Charles County and the federal government that allows the city to resurface a portion of Williott Road and Mid Rivers Mall Drive for $108,000.

Next summer St. Peters motorists will have to deal with two major road projects—that's the bad news. The good news? It's not going to cost that much money. 

During the May 9 meeting, the Board of Aldermen were presented proposals to to resurface portions of Willott Road and Mid Rivers Mall Drive next summer. The two projects, which came with a combined $2.4 million price tag, would only cost the city $108,000 if St. Peters agreed to cost-sharing deals with St. Charles County and the federal government. 

Recognizing a good deal, the board approved the necessary contracts during Thursday's meeting. The contracts passed with a unamious 5-0 vote—aldermen Don Aytes (Ward 4), Tommy Roberts (Ward 3) and Jerry Hollingsworth (Ward 2) were absent from Thursday's meeting.

Russ Batzel, Transportation and Development Services Group Manager told the board earlier this month the project would take place place in two areas: At Mid Rivers Mall Drive between Mexico Road and St. Peters Howell Road and at Willott Road from Jungermann Road to Mid Rivers Mall Drive. 

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Like other road projects in recent years, the city will diamond grind the roadway, replace curbs, replace gutters and make ADA-compliant sidewalk improvements. The Willott Road project has plans for traffic signal improvements as well. 

The funding breakdown for the Mid Rivers Mall Project has a federal grant covering 80-percent of all costs ($1,040,000), a St. Charles County grant picking up $208,000 and the city contributing $52,000. The breakdown for the Willott Road project is similar with the federal grant paying $1,120,000, the county paying $224,000 and St. Peters spending $56,000.

With the contracts approved, bids can now go out in the fall and work could begin next summer. The projects are expected to take up to four months to finish.


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