Dierbergs to Bring Two Smokers to St. Peters

Store plans to bring wood-burning grills to two St. Peters stores.

After a successful run with a smoker grill in Chesterfield, Dierbergs will expand the program to St. Peters.

Dierbergs was granted permission from the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on Wednesday night to place smokers in front of two stores in St. Peters. The smokers, used to cook a variety of meats, will be placed in front of the stores at and .

A representative from the store said that with the success of the Chesterfield smoker, Dierbergs was looking to test out more markets for the program. St. Peters will be one of the first stores from the St. Louis-based grocer to have the smokers.

The units will be placed in front of the store near the main entrance. The smoker at 79 Crossing will take up one handicap spot while the one at 94 Crossing will take up two handicap spots. The store is prepared to restripe the parking lot to replace the lost spots.

The unit, a wood-burning smoker, is a temporary structure, which concerned some members of the Commission. Because Dierbergs wanted to use the aroma of the smoked food to draw in customers, the smokers were being placed in a noticeable location and not behind the store.

Aldermanic representative Jerry Hollingsworth, Ward 2, said he didn’t like the idea of a trailer being out in front of the store for 365 days with no plans for a permanent structure. He said it could encourage other businesses to request similar set ups.

“I’m concerned if we do this, and grant approval, if 7-Eleven decides to sell smoked meat, they’re going to want one,” Hollingsworth said.

Hollingsworth and others suggested a time limit on the special-use permit. Dierbergs agreed and the smokers were approved with a one-year limitation. After one year, Diebergs will have to re-apply for the permit.

Other Notes

  • The Commission approved home occupation requests for three businesses. A fourth request was postponed until September because the petitioner didn’t show up.
  • A PUD amendment for Green Forest Village was approved.
  • A record plat for The Triangle Apartments  was approved.



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