For Sale: Aldermen Opt to Save Old City Hall

St. Peters aldermen decide against demolishing the Old City Hall in Old Town St. Peters.

The St. Peters Board of Aldermen spared the Old City Hall from turning into a parking lot on Thursday night. For now, at least. 

With the building at 107 Main Street vacant, St. Peters Mayor Len Pagano asked the board to make a decision on the future of the building. Faced with two options—to demolish or sell—the board chose to put the building on the market and see if anyone wants to buy. 

Aldermen Jerry Hollingsworth, Ward 2, was in favor of putting the building up for sale.

"It's worth taking a shot," he said. 

Hollingsworth said that a demolition would cost somewhere in the ballpark of $10,000. Instead of spending that much to turn the building into parking lot, he said, the city should look into selling. Hollingsworth added that Old Town doesn't have a lot of buildings left and he wasn't in favor of taking down another. 

"I'd hate to see that building go," Hollingsworth said. 

Patrick Barclay, Ward 4, suggested the board wait to make a decision until later in the year. Central County Fire and Rescue owns the building next door and they are also wondering what that buildings future holds. Barclay said the board should wait and see what the fire department does.

City Administrator William Charnisky offered a simple solution. Instead of spending money on an appraisal or making a decision about a demolition, Charnisky suggested the city just put a for sale sign out front.

Knowing that a 2009 appraisal shows the building valued at $55,000, Charnisky said the city could simply put the building up for sale and see if anyone is interested in buying. If the city gets a serious offer, it could then go for a re-appraisal to make sure it's a fair offer. 

Dave Thomas, Ward 1, agreed with Charnisky's plan.

"Taking down this building without the option of opening it up for sale is a mistake," he said. 

The rest of the board agreed and the old City Hall will be put up for sale. 

Randall February 18, 2013 at 11:42 AM
That is real leadership "let's wait and see what happens or let's wait and see what some one else does".Really? Get a job and quit sucking free benefits from the taxpayers. Mr. Hollingsworth is the only one on the board that understands how business and government works.


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