Four Home Occupation Permits Granted at Zoning Meeting

St. Peters Planning and Zoning Commission also signs off on a special use permit.

It's not just pizza companies that can get things done in 30 minutes or less. 

, the St. Peters Planning and Zoning Commission wasted little time during the February meeting. The Commission heard four home occupation permit requests and one request for a special use permit. All five items were approved by the Commission in a brisk 30-minute meeting. 

Only one item on the agenda actually provoked much debate. Daylily Lay Garden, an internet business owned by Michael and Kathy Bouman. Michael Bouman said he has a hobby or growing and planting flowers on his lawn. He makes hybrid flowers and all of the flowers on his lawn are labeled properly. 

Bouman said his business would be internet sales, much like something you'd see on eBay. He said he intends to sell CDs, books and surplus plants from his garden. The home occupation permit was strictly to sell the goods, and not turn his house into a business. 

"I don't want any customers coming to my home," he said.

Bouman's business plan, however, concerned some neighbors. The Commission received emails and had two public comments against the home occupation request. The reasoning was that Bouman's garden, large and meticulously cared for, looks professional. One neighbor said she worried that since it looks like a business, and if it gets a business permit, future neighbors might follow Bouman's lead and open up businesses at home.

The chief complaint from the neighbors mostly had to deal with subdivision rules and regulations, something the Commission can't enforce.

"As a board we don't have the authority to tell you what to do with your grass, unless it gets too high," Chairman Keith McNames said. 

McNames went on to say that the Commission doesn't, and won't, enforce covenants. He said that it's a private matter that must be left up to the courts. 

Bouman said that his garden would stay, regardless of what the Commission decided. 

"If my proposal is denied, my hobby continues," he said.

Commission member Gary Westhoff said that Bouman's request should be approved because the only issues raised were out of the purview of the Commission. McNames seconded the request and the rest of the board agreed, approving Bouman's home occupation request. 

The other three home occupation permits were also granted unanimously. JEM Construction and Remodeling, LLC , Recycling Systems Technology, and Sarah's Shine were all given permission to operate a home business. All three were just using their homes for offices. 

The last item on the agenda, a special use permit request, was also granted. Life Changing Home Health & Adult Day Care, Inc. is requesting a special use permit for an adult day-care facility in the C-3 General Commercial District. The proposed location is located on the west side of Jungermann Road, north of Hospital Drive (128 Jungermann Road). The Commission agreed, and the permit request will go to the St. Peters Board of Aldermen with the approval of the Commission.

The next Planning and Zoning meeting is March 7, 2012, at the . 


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