Mayor and Alderman Salaries: How Does St. Peters Compare?

Neighboring O'Fallon is considering raises for its mayor and city council members. How do salaries compare across St. Charles County?

Across St. Charles County, pay rates for the office of mayor vary widely. In the five cities covered by Patch, the mayor's salary varies from a low of $13,200 in Wentzville to $73,543 in St. Charles city.

Aldermen/councilmen salaries don't show quite so much range, with a low of $5,500 in Wentzville to $14,525 in St. Peters.

Here is how St. Charles cities compare with compensation for elected officials:

City/Mayor's Salary/Aldermen or Councilmen Salary/2010 Pop./ City Class  
  • Wentzville/$13,200/$5,500/29,070/Fourth class
  • Lake Saint Louis/$13,923/$5,797/14,545/Fourth class
  • St. Peters/$40,000/$14,525/52,575/Fourth class
  • St. Charles/$73,543/$10,200/65,794/Home Rule
  • O'Fallon- current/$19,500/$7,600/79,329/Home Rule 
  • O'Fallon-proposed/$24,000/$12,000/79,329/Home Rule

O'Fallon is seeking higher compensation, according to the ordinance language, because the new rate: reflects in a more accurate way the demands made on the time and resources of those who serve their neighbors in this important way and the intrusion such service makes on one’s ability to earn income for one’s family, and make it feasible for more residents to consider public service by reducing to some extent the sacrifice they and their family members may experience by reason of such service.

O'Fallon also cites increases in the overall cost of living for considering higher rates.


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