Meet the Candidates: Burt Biermann One of Three Running for Ward 3 Office

St. Peters resident Burt Biermann is competing with incumbent Tommy Roberts and challenger Terri Violet for the Ward 3 Alderman position.

The race for the Ward 3 Alderman is between three candidates. 

Incumbent Tommy Roberts is being challenged by Terri Violet and Burt Biermann. Gearing up for the April 3 General Election, we'll have profiles of each of the candidates. First up, alphabetically, is Biermann.

Burt Biermann: Candidate for Ward 3 Alderman

Where do you live? 112 Timber Run

What is your current job/position? Dispatcher for St. Charles Flying Service. 

Why are you running for Alderman? I am running for Alderman to better represent the needs and values of St. Peters residents than the incumbent. I am running against his voting record. Alderman Gus Elliott has given me his full endorsement on his website  Gus4Us.com/news.

What relevant experience do you have? I am a decorated Navy Veteran—worked for Navy Intelligence and the Navy Security Group. I provided Special Intelligence for the Director of National Security Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency and held a Spintcomm Clearance.  

I was awarded the Memorial Medal of National Defense by the Ministry of Defense Republic of China in Taipei, Taiwan. I served the Commander, US Taiwan Defense Command. I have a US National Defense Service Medal, Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation, Letters of Commendation Senior Customer Engineer for Storage Technology Corporation. 

I was a data backup storage specialist for STK robotic tape libraries and the Senior Service Representative for EMC Corporation.I was a data backup specialist for EMCfiber data backup networks and cached disk array data storage. My hobbies include photography and aviation. I have designed, assembled, and fly my own gyrocopter.

I served on the 2011 St. Charles County redistricting commission. 

What do think you can you bring to this position? In office, I will focus on solutions to those issues that the residents feel are have not been given due diligence by the incumbent candidate. 

If you ask the residents, there are too many drivers speeding through our neighborhoods. When a resident has to stand out in the street to keep their returning child safe from drivers, there is a serious problem. 

Our school administrators tell us that there is an epidemic of drugs in our schools. What has Tommy Roberts done to help our residents?

We can see that child safety is upside-down in St. Peters. 

Please tell us about one goal you have for this position: My goal will be to research, canvass, and implement solutions for these issues, which my opponents have not discussed, or acted on.

What's one change you'd like to see in St. Peters during your term in office? I would really like to see this change to the point that we get the distinction of being the safest place to raise a family.

For more information: Visit my website: friendsofbiermann.com


A request for information was sent out to each of the candidates and this is their response. 

Note: Candidates and supporters should feel free to comment, but please keep things professional. No attacks, no name calling, no profanity. Thanks.


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