Meet the Candidates: Terri Violet Looking for a Spot on Board

Terri Violet is one of three candidates running for the Ward 3 Aldermanic seat.

Terri Violet is back for another shot at the Ward 3 Aldermanic seat. 

After losing to Gus Elliott in 2011 by less than 200 votes, Violet is back on the scene as one of three candidates for the seat. She'll be taking on Burt Biermann and Tommy Roberts. 

Gearing up for the April 3 General Election, we'll have profiles of each of the candidates. Next up, alphabetically, is Violet.

Terri Violet: Candidate for Ward 3 Alderman

Where do you live? Applewood Subdivision, 62 Bartley Street

What is your current job/position? Community Volunteer / American Red Cross

Why are you running for Board of Aldermen? More than 90 percent of residents I met while knocking on doors this year cannot even name the second Alderman for Ward 3. People matter to me, they are my life. Residents need a truly effective Alderman that possesses integrity, leadership skills and is a professional at helping people of all political backgrounds. My goal is to be amongst the people continuously and amongst the politicians when it necessitates. I plan to actively get away from and seek resident inputs and hear their concerns on a regular basis.

What relevant experience do you have? I am an honorably-discharged US Navy veteran with experience in the administrative field. “Duty, Honor, Country” is embedded in my soul. I serve as Chaplain on the St. Peters Veterans Memorial Commission. I am also an alternate Planning and Zoning Commissioner for our city. I have thousands of hours of community volunteer experience through my church, the American Red Cross and many reputable St. Charles county volunteer organizations. My leadership and organizational skills earned me Volunteer of the Year award with the American Red Cross. I have studied State and Local Government at St. Charles Community College as well.

What do think you can you bring to this position?  Time, energy and integrity. A person raising a family does not always have the time that is required to be an “Alderman.” My husband and I have been married 28 years. We raised our family and are now grandparents. We have been St. Peters residents since 1988. I am able and willing to serve in a full time capacity to the Alderman position. I will return your calls. I have a good rapport with city staff to solve our residents concerns promptly and professionally.

Please tell us about one goal you have for this position:  I plan to support and promote the Arts. City Hall is home to the . Not only do local artists display works of art but our Performing Arts Theater is home to ACT II. My goal is to promote our theater to reach sell-out crowds.

What's one change you'd like to see in St. Peters during your term in office? Attracting vibrant new business and keeping our current businesses in our Ward is a priority. Ward 3 is the “Eastern Gateway” to St. Peters. Thousands of drivers enter St. Peters via Cave Springs exit and travel down Mexico Road. My goal is to see empty retail locations in our Ward filled with prospering businesses. I pledge to be pro-active in helping existing and future business owners prosper in our community. You can count on me to support business owners in every possible way that helps St. Peters to remain a "Top 100 Places To Live" city.

Contact information: website: www.terriviolet.com


A request for information was sent out to each of the candidates and this is the response. 

Previous Ward 3 Candidates: ,

Note: Candidates and supporters should feel free to comment, but please keep things professional.No attacks, no name calling, no profanity. Thanks.

william rose April 04, 2012 at 02:34 AM
Good luck BIG SIS god be with you & Jeff love ya. From bro Bill in nj


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