Planning and Zoning Approves CVS Site Plan

New pharmacy gets a go-ahead from the St. Peters Commission.

A month ago the St. Peters Planning and Zoning Commission had issues with the proposed site plan for the new CVS Pharmacy at the Golden Triangle strip mall location. 

Worried about traffic flow—the Commission was concerned that drivers trying to make a left turn onto southbound Mid Rivers Mall Drive would be facing long odds getting on the road. With the concern, the Commission asked CVS to conduct a traffic study to see if the site plan would be better off with only right-in/right-out access. 

CVS agreed to do the traffic study and came back for the first Commission meeting of 2012. During its presentation, CVS said the study found no problems with the left-turn access. CVS said that the current strip mall has four entrance/exit points and the new site plan has just two. Despite double the chances for problems, CVS said the current situation is working out fine. 

In addition to limiting access points, CVS is connecting the to the CVS parking lot so help eliminate congestion near the traffic signal. 

The traffic data—along with an agreement to increase the brick amount in the building to more than 90 percent—was enough to convince the Commission to approve the site plan with a few changes. The most notable change was adding a left-turn and right-turn exit on the Mid Rivers Mall access point. CVS said it would have no problem fulfilling the request. 

Pawn Shop Gets New Location

Extreme Pawn's store is located where the CVS Pharmacy is going to be. That's a bit of a problem. After a bank foreclosed on the owner on the stripmall, CVS bought up the land, forcing the 12 current tenants out.

Extreme Pawn came to Wednesday's meeting requesting a rezoning request so it could move to a new location on the south side of Veterans Memorial Parkway and west of Church Street in Ward 1. Board representative Jerry Hollingsworth enthusiastically welcomed the moved.

"We need to whatever humanely possible to help them," he said.

After the quick forced exit from the Golden Triangle, Hollingsworth praised Extreme Pawn for not bolting town.

"Bless your heart for staying in St. Peters," he said.

The Commission agreed and approved the rezoning plan, which will now be forwarded to the Board of Aldermen for the Jan. 12 meeting.

The Commission also approved four home occupation requests and one special use request. 


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