Planning and Zoning Approves Two Tattoo Shops

Two proposed tattoo shops in St. Peters were approved by the St. Peters Planning and Zoning Commission during the August meeting.

’ August meeting of the Planning and Zoning committee was heavy on the tattoo ink.

Two of the items on the agenda for the Aug. 1 meeting dealt with new tattoo shops wanting to open up in St. Peters. The commission welcomed both. 

First up was Robert Bayer, who requested a special use permit to open up a shop located on the west side of Spencer Road, north side of Executive Centre Parkway more commonly known as 94 Spencer Road. The store will be near the Costco and the future Menards. 

Bayer explained that his business would be open from noon until 9 p.m. at the latest. During the review, it was mentioned that his request wouldn't allow him to pierce ears or sell earrings. The commissions thought about amending the request to allow Bayer to do that, but he declined. He said that people who normally get earrings are kids, and he doesn't want any kids in the store. 

The commission approved the finding of facts and the Board of Aldermen will vote on the permit at the Aug. 23 meeting. 

Following Bayer was Pandora Ink. Hoping to be located at on the north side of Mexico Road, east side of Grand Teton Drive in the Plaza, Pandora Ink was seeking an amendment to a Planned Urban Development (PUD) to permit a tattoo establishment.

Pandora gave what chairman Keith McNames said was one of the most thorough and detailed presentations in recent memory. Pandora said it will be employed with medical professionals and will be one of the safest places possible to get a tattoo. Pandora said it has strict rules, strict aftercare and that it does everything the safest and right way. 

Several residents who live nearby wondered what kind of customers the shop would attract and if a tattoo shop would drive down property values. Pandora said the customers would be quiet and that they weren't looking for clients who would cause problems. 

The commission agreed to recommend an approval by the board at the Aug. 23 meeting. 

 Other Notes:

  • Two home occupation requests were approved
  • Spirit Halloween had two temporary use permits to open up Halloween stores around St. Peters. The stores will be located at on the south side of Sue Mandy Drive, east of Mid Rivers Mall Drive  (former JoAnn Fabrics) and on the south side of South St. Peters Parkway, east of Harvester Road (former Ace Hardware/Harvester Square).
  • Brands Resale & Retail had its request for a Special Use Permit in the C-3 General Commercial District for the sale of used merchandise approved by the commission. The board will vote on it at Aug. 23 meeting. 
Fred Oompahloompah August 16, 2012 at 11:07 PM
And we are off and running! Tattoo Parlors, strip joints, and all that goes with it. Gangs, Rape, Murder in our streets. Welcome to the New Brooklyn Ill, East St. Louis and Sauget Ill. Kiss your communities good bye. Your home values will plummet and the great White Flight as in Spanish Lake has begun! Go west my friends! Go west once again.
bellespop August 17, 2012 at 12:30 AM
Great positive outlook There Fred. What should they put in? Maybe a rainbows and unicorns ice cream parlor? We all know that if you.have a tattoo you are either in a gang or a stripper. Its got to be better than being an empty space not making the city any money. You seem to know a lot about bad things. If you are really worried then hopefully you can find a polyanna place of your own.
bellespop August 17, 2012 at 05:42 PM
No Fred despite your vision I have no tattoos, body piercings, long hair, or gang affiliations nor have I raped, beaten or killed anyone and do not do drugs or alcohol so there goes that. Coming from the North County area I will agree with you that it isn't as friendly a place as it was 20 years ago but you simply cannot blame it on tattoo parlors.
itsanartform August 21, 2012 at 05:18 PM
Thanks belle for showing an open mind. I am tattooed and have worked in the industry for almost a decade. Fred seems to know all about stereotypes and it sounds like thats all he has(good luck with that Fred). Some people just can't be pleased but have to be herd. However; What i have seen is that the tattooed freaks your scared of are probably the nicest people you would ever meet if given the chance, they are hiding nothing, thier image and personality are in print wright on thier skin. They have nothing to hide and are the least likely to be a hypocrite. The guy with the nice hair and the slick suite is usually the one one the news taking people for millions. And Fred tattooing AND stripping hav been going on since the beggining of time so the next time you see that shady "gangbanger" walking down the street........BLAME HIS PARENTS
Shelly February 22, 2013 at 11:28 PM
Seriously Fred? My grandfather served his country proud for many years. He is retiered from the Navy and has tattoos. I have a professional career, college education and I'm a married mother of 2. I have tattoos and have lived in St. Peter's (iPhone corrects) for years. I have never been a stripper, gang banger nor have I ever even need arrested! I have a beautiful home off of Grand Teton and in no way shape or form am I worried about if bringing the value of my home down. You want to complain about the tattoo shop...how about the bar? People could be leaving there drunk all times of the day pulling out on to a busy road. It's 2013! Catch up with the times!
terri April 17, 2013 at 10:34 PM
Fred; You once again spout the stereotypical rhetoric that only comes from ignorance. I invite any citizen from the city of St. Peters to stop by my tattoo studio and express any concerns. You will be treated respectfully and maybe we can dispel some of that stereotypical thinking. Thank You Bob Bayer Big Bear Tattoo 94 Spencer Rd.


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