Presidential Poll: Romney Holds Slight Lead Amongst St. Charles County Residents, Poll Shows

If the election were held today, which presidential candidate would you vote for? Last week, St. Charles County voters favored Mitt Romney over Barack Obama.

We're less than a dozen weeks from Election Day.

The signs—both literal and figurative are hard to ignore. Earlier in August, Missouri had its  to narrow down the field for statewide races. Ads for candidates are filling local airwaves and running non-stop. 

And on Monday, the Republican National Convention kicked off in Tampa, FL. The four-day convention is expected to conclude with Mitt Romney officially claiming the Republican nomination for president, a title he has unofficially had for several months. Romney's presumptive nomination means one part of the ballot will be set. The next domino is set to fall a week later in Charlotte, N.C., when the Democrats confirm President Barack Obama as the nominee. 

With the race to the White House heating up, we're bringing back the Presdential Poll. Every week we'll take the temperature of the local electorate. 

Last week—our first week in bringing back the feature—Romney had a slight edge over President Barack Obama. Romney claimed 14 votes to Obama's 11. 

Who do you favor at this point and why? Vote in the poll and tell us who, right now, has your vote.

Devon Seddon September 07, 2012 at 08:37 PM
Thank you Liz, People on here think all of that stuff that they want the government to provide is free. They don't realize that what the costs actually are, and will never even acknowledge that one of those costs is freedom. They want to be like those other countries, but don't understand in the very least why those countries (at least until 20 years ago) wanted to be like America. They want government healthcare, yet don't understand that if they need a C-section, for example, in England, they better hope that the hospital hasn't used-up their "allotment" of C-sections for that year, or those people they claim to be trying to "care for" both die.
Roger Hughes September 07, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Here's the dirty little secret of the Republicans. They say they don't like socialism. They mock it, ridicule it. Yet every successful democracy has had some degree of socialism, such as roads, post office, police, firemen, city planners and city managers. When there was a shared porportion of capitalism and socialism as when in Franklin Roosevelt's day we were our strongest as a nation. Yes Republican mock socialism even when they are using it themselves. Be the biggest secret of the Republicans is they really do approved of socialism. It just they don't want you or I to have it. Republicans want to keep socialism restricted to the wealthy, the privilaged and the high flying corportate CEO's through tax cuts and loopholes. This is socialism in its purest form.
Rich Pope September 07, 2012 at 11:47 PM
Jay, Republicans want the same things Democrats want. We all want good schools, jobs, clean water, clean air etc...What we disagree on is how to get there. Democrats want to tax the hell out of everyone and spend like there's no tomorrow. Republicans want to cut wasteful spending, balance the budget and then move forward.
Rich Pope September 07, 2012 at 11:50 PM
What all of us need to worry about is if the Federal Reserve will begin QE3. If the Fed decides this is the right course of action, get ready for a big jump in prices. Bernake knows that if Romney gets elected, he's out of a job. What does he care?
Roger Hughes September 08, 2012 at 01:16 AM
Quantitative Easing is tantamount to a ponzi scheme. The Feds run the printer machines 24 hours a day. Paper money, thats all it is. Good luck to all of us. We are going to need it.


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