Readers React to Idea of Banning Tattoo Shops

We asked readers what thought about banning tattoo shops in St. Peters. Here's what they had to say.

For a will be in the hands of the St. Peters Board of Aldermen.

In August 2012, the tattoo establishment asked the board to consider an amendment to a Planned Urban Development to permit Pandora Ink, a tattoo parlor, to open up shop in the Dollar Tree Plaza. Pandora Ink was one of two tattoo shops on the agenda that night. One located along Spencer Road near Menards was approved. Pandora Ink failed to get the five votes needed to pass. 

On Thursday, Pandora Ink will be back again in front of the board.

With the issue coming to the board, St. Peters Patch asked readers to weigh in on the tattoo issue. Spurred by a comment from a resident at the Feb. 14 board meeting, we asked readers if St. Peters should be involved in the tattoo game. The answers varied. 

In a poll with 19 responses, only eight favored a ban of tattoo shop while 11 were fine the establishments. In the comments the debate raged on.

Reader Tammy Mann said:

"Tattoos are no longer just for gang members and prisoners, many main stream people have body art and should be allowed to have this done where they live. No different than a hair salon."

Another reader, Mark, agreed:

"I am 61-years-old, retired, 20 year resident of St. Peters. When I drive around the city an see the large amount of vacant business property in the city I dont believe we need to so closed minded about legal business's opening in our city. They will provide tax income and jobs for our area and it would be one less vacant space. When people look to move into an area they look at different factors. The more vacant spaces the more they wonder if the area is in decline. This is not a porn shop or a strip joint. You will see people from all walks of life that now have tattoo"s and a lot of them are middle class mothers." 

On our Facebook page Stefanie Rasmussen offered a simple solution for those opposed.

"Impose strict health and licensing regulations on parlors for safety reasons, sure. But banning them? Ridiculous. It's simple—if you don't like tattoos, don't get tattoos."

Not everyone, however, agreed to allow the shops. Reader Fred Oompahloompah said

"Yes and strip clubs/bars and other unseemly businesses have become main stream in many places but does that mean we want to invite that into our community? As for a hair salon, hair grows back and styles can be changed a tattoo is a permanent scar on the body and very painful to remove once the individual realizes the obscenity or offensive mural they have inked on themselves was a mistake. Ask any person who is denied employment due to the respectable companies policy against inking! We can not regulate the "main stream" people's choices but we can regulate where they get it done in our community. "

Another reader, William Braudis, said the tattoo shops could lead to other problems further down the road. He said: 

Hey, if it is the intent of Saint Peters to fill some of these empty store fronts, gain Taxes and increase employment and as long as we do not care what moves into the City then lets set up a Red Light District along Mexico Road. If you do not like them then do not patronize them

The tattoo issue will be decided at the 7 p.m. meeting. A work session is set to begin at 5 p.m.

Board of Aldermen meetings and work sessions are broadcast on Charter Cable channel 992 and U-Verse channel 99. Replays of the meetings are played periodically throughout the month. Board of Aldermen meetings are also available online to view live or on demand. 

Fred Oompahloompah March 03, 2013 at 06:08 PM
There are other sources then your Television Mich. I am not sure who "us" maybe and I can only assume they are as uninformed as you are. Hint: Internet! BTW Patch is also a questionable source but Joe does give it the old college try.
Fred Oompahloompah March 03, 2013 at 10:03 PM
Speaking of tattoos with your permission please view a guy who is helping those who have made the mistake of inking themselves and is removing them for free. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/03/man-gives-free-tattoos-to-ex-gang-members/
Ooompaloompah Slayer March 03, 2013 at 11:39 PM
Did you read the article Fran? Pr visit the Ink 180 website? He doesn't actually 'remove' the tattoo, but instead covers over existing tattoo's with- get this- a TATTOO! Thank you for helping to promote ink!
Fred Oompahloompah March 03, 2013 at 11:48 PM
You are welcome Mich! The best ink is the ink that hides ink don't you think? :)
Fred Oompahloompah March 04, 2013 at 12:52 AM
I do see a finacial boom for this business in the future! In the near future under Obamacare everyone will be required to have an expiration date tattooed on their arm or forehead to signify a no resuscitation order or no medical care because they are too old for practical need or hope for recovery. This age will be determined by agovernment board. Tattoo joints will be awarded contracts for this requirement!$$$$$$


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