St. Charles County Republican Leaders Back Akin

St. Charles County Republican Central Committee passed a resolution supporting the embattled former congressman.

St. Charles County Republican leaders have declared their support for Congressman Todd Akin, about two weeks after several high level Republicans have called for him to leave the Senate race. 

Members of the St. Charles County Republican Central Committee passed a resolution of support for Akin. The vote was not unanimous, although members declined to share the actual vote results. 

“Every one of us has said things that we realize afterward weren’t how we meant them to come out,” said , the newly elected chairman of the committee in a press release. “While we all wish Todd had taken the time to choose his words more carefully, we also realize that the meaning behind his words, as well as his actions over more than twenty years in public service are pure and sincere. The Republican Party needs to stop kicking Todd Akin when he’s down, and focus their energy on kicking Claire McCaskill out of Washington.”

The members of the St. Charles County Republican Central Committee include:

Barbara J. Hall, Rivers Township Committeewoman

Bryce Steinhoff, Rivers Township Committeeman

, First Capitol Township Committeeman 

Ann Farnsworth, First Capitol Township Committeewoman

, Frontier Township Committeeman

Penny L. Henke, Frontier Township Committeewoman

Mike Sommer, Muegge Township Committeeman

, Muegge Township Committeewoman

Kurt Bahr, St. Peters Township Committeeman

Jennifer Bahr, St. Peters Township Commiteewoman

Harvester Township Committeeman

, Harvester Township Committeewoman

Cindy Evans, O'Fallon Township Committeewoman

David Werner Evans, O'Fallon Township Committeeman

David Hoffman, Spencer Creek Township Committeeman

Cindy Carpenter, Spencer Creek Township Committeewoman

Jim Pepper, Dardenne Township Committeeman

Carole Paul, Dardennne Township Committeewoman

Jack Strick, Cottleville Township Committeman

Joan M. Gettemeyer, Cottleville Township Committeewoman

Bill Gardener, St. Paul Township Commiteeman

Vicki Schneider, St. Paul Township Committeewoman

Jeremy Pritchett, Wentzville Township Committeeman

Leah Hite, Wentzville Township Commiteewoman

Frank Eggering, Lake Saint Louis Township Commiteeman

Saundra Garber, Lake Saint Louis Township Commiteewoman

Joe Brazil, Boone Township Commiteeman

Allison Miller, Boone Township Commiteewoman

Correction: An earlier version of this listed the incorrect committeewoman for Dardenne Township. 

Angela Whitehead September 01, 2012 at 07:06 PM
In other words here is a list of all the people u do not want in office if u believe women should have the same human and civil rights as American male citizens.
Geronimo September 02, 2012 at 01:44 AM
Considering half the committee is made up of women, it seems fairly obvious that you are only interested in perpetuating propaganda.
Catherine Moody Dreher September 04, 2012 at 12:43 AM
What I find most disturbing is the lack of transparency and the outright violation of Missouri Sunshine Laws enacted by Central Commitee members, as led by Jon Bennett, in both the method and secrecy of voting on this resolution. Several months ago, I contacted Attorney General Koster's office to inquire as to whether or not Central Committees are bound by MO Sunshine Laws and was informed that, indeed, they are. According to Section 610.010 (2), RSMo Supp. 1975, the Central Committee is considered a "public governmental body" and is, therefore, subject to the open meeting requirement of the law. As such, voting should also be conducted in public. "It is our view, however, that the definition of ‘public vote', § 610.010(5) as ‘any vote cast at any public meeting of any public governmental body' requires the conclusion that secret ballots are not permitted at meetings which are required to be open under the Sunshine Law." - John Ashcroft, Opinion Letter No. 139-81. It is hypocritical at best and tyrannical at worse to complain about the lack of transparency from the Obama administration while our own local Republican Central Committee makes decisions behind closed doors via secret ballot. It is up to us, the people whom they were elected to represent, to hold them accountable to the law and to the public.
Jon Bennett September 11, 2012 at 06:43 PM
Political party committees are not subject to the Missouri Sunshine Laws. They do not collect public funds through taxation, they do not spend public funds through appropriations and they do not create public policy. Your research is incomplete. The laws referenced in the 1976 attorney general's opinion have long been amended, and case law has upheld my assertion.


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