St. Peters Plans to Expand Willot, Add Dual Turn Lanes at Mexico, Salt Lick

The Board of Aldermen will consider projects during the Feb. 28 meeting.

St. Peters will replace Willot Road Bridge, near Covenant Park, in 2015.  

At the same time, the city plans to widen the north side of Willot Road in that area.

Russ Batzel, city public works services manager, said the dual left turn lane from Jungermann Road onto Willott Road requires drivers to merge fairly quickly into one lane. The city plans to widen Willot Road to allow for more traffic volume. 

The bridge span will be widened to include the sidewalks, and the existing steel bridges for bikers and walkers will be eliminated.  

In addition, the city is considering adding additional pedestrian walkways in the area which would tie into the crossing. 

The $1.88 million project will be paid for with 67 percent On System Bridge Program federal grants and 28 percent St. Charles County Road Board funds and local funding would cover 5 percent or about $95,570. 

Design on project would be completed in 2013. The city would purchase right of way and easements in 2014 and begin construction in 2015. 

Right Turn Lanes

St. Peters plans to add two right turn lanes at the intersection of Mexico Road and Salt Lick Road, one from westbound Mexico Road onto northbound Salt Lick and one from southbound Salt Lick to westbound Mexico Road. 

In addition, the city will do traffic signal improvements at the intersection. 

On Thursday, the Board of Aldermen will consider a bid from RV Wagner for construction on the project for $293,878.55. 

About 80 percent of the $293,000 project comes from federal sources, 11 percent from St. Charles County Road Board and 9 percent from St. Peters.

Construction is set to begin in March and will be completed by the end of summer, according to an article in the Suburban Journals.  

The city will also restripe and replace concrete curbs throughout the city this summer, as it does annually. 

Gardeners Detective February 26, 2013 at 05:56 PM
We did not want Willott Rd to become a major thoroughfare through a residential area or for it to become like Midrivers Mall Drive and Jungerman Rd. That is the reason Willott Rd was updated like it is today. Law makers did it to appease us after we went to a city hall meeting asking not to make it a 4 lane Rd yet they went forward with two left turn lanes on Jungermann Rd knowing full well they would stick it to us a few years later. If you feel it is untrue then why would a responsible plan have two lanes turning onto a one lane road? Well here we are again. No 4 lane road through our subdivisions please! We didn't then and don't now want to be a cut through bringing more noise and traffic to our residential areas.


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