St. Peters Restaurant and Food Service Inspections, December 2012, Part 2

St. Peters inspects restaurants several times a year. This is part two of the list of inspections completed in December 2012.

St. Peters Health Department  regularly inspects food service establishments throughout the city including restaurants, caterers, schools, food stands, day cares, bakeries, and frozen treat stands. 

Unannounced inspections include an evaluation of how food is received and stores, temperatures used to cook, hold and reheat foods, according to the department's web page. The establishments begin with a score of 100 and points are deducted based on the severity of problems observed. 

A follow up inspection is conducted within 10 days to verify that critical violations have been corrected. 

Below, see the second part of the inspection scores for restaurants in the St. Peters area in December 2012.

Restaurant Address Score Fort Zumwalt East High School
600 First Executive Ave.
100 Fort Zumwalt South High School
8050 Mexico Road
100 Francis Howell North High School
2549 Hackmann Road
100 Good Tymes Pub
592 Jungermann Road
100 Grab and Go
150 Salt Lick Road
99 Hardees
501 Mid Rivers Mall Drive
95 Hawthorne Elementary School
166 Boone Hills Drive
100 Henderson Elementary School
2501 Hackmann Road
98 Hickory Farms
1600 Mid Rivers Mall Drive Ste. 2016
100 Hobo's
200 N. Main St.
100 Hot Spot Market
507-511 Jungermann Road
100 Imo's Pizza
595 Starwood Drive
99 Imo's Pizza
312 Jungermann Road
98 Jack in the Box
6096 Mid Rivers Mall Drive
97 Jenner's Kids Daycare, LLC
1346 Dingledine Road
100 Jimmy John's
4865 Mexico Road
100 Jimmy John's
6295 Mid Rivers Mall Drive
100 Karen's Kids
3857 McClay Road
100 KFC
4118 Mexico
100 KFC
1699 Jungermann Road
99 Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken
690 Starwood Drive
98 Lewis and Clark Elementary School
460 McMenamy Road
100 Luigi's and Raffaele's
548 Salt River Road

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Colorado River Adventures April 18, 2013 at 01:28 AM
thank you for the updates. Is it odd to see 100's for a fast food restaurant? Are they warned that somebody is coming to inspect before hand?
Fred Oompahloompah April 18, 2013 at 06:18 AM
No of course not! This is St. Peters! It is called "money under the table" would you like fries with that Sir?


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