St. Peters Restaurant Inspections, Part Two

St. Peters inspects restaurants several times a year. This is part two of the list of inspections completed in November 2012.

St. Peters Health Department  regularly inspects food service establishments throughout the city including restaurants, caterers, schools, food stands, day cares, bakeries, and frozen treat stands. 

Unannounced inspections include an evaluation of how food is received and stores, temperatures used to cook, hold and reheat foods, according to the department's web page. The establishments begin with a score of 100 and points are deducted based on the severity of problems observed. 

A follow up inspection is conducted within 10 days to verify that critical violations have been corrected. 

Below, see the second half of the inspection scores for restaurants in the St. Peters area in November 2012. Find the first half here. 

Restaurant Address Score Mandarin Garden   36 PLAZA 94
97 Max and Erma's 1600 MID RIVERS MALL DRIVE STE 2024 97 McDonalds 3883 VETERANS MEMORIAL PARKWAY 97 Misty Nights 4241 NORTH ST PETERS PARKWAY 98 Oak Tree Village Retirement Community 363 JUNGERMANN ROAD 100 O'Charleys 3975 VETERANS MEMORIAL PARKWAY 96 Papa Johns 49 CHARLESTON SQUARE 99 Planet Fun 5849 SUE MANDY DRIVE 94 Redbirds Sports Cafe 4223 NORTH ST PETERS PARKWAY 94 Ruby Tuesday 190 WESTFIELD DRIVE 95 Schnucks Bakery 48 PLAZA 94 100 Schnucks Seafood 48 PLAZA 94 98 Shop N Save 60 HARVESTER SQUARE 100 Shop N Save 100 JUNGERMANN ROAD 100 Sonic Drive-In of St. Peters 651 SALT LICK ROAD 97 St. Peters Manor Care Center 230 SPENCER ROAD 98 St. Peters Senior Center 108 MCMENAMY ROAD 99 St. Louis Bread Co 290 MID RIVERS MALL CIRCLE DRIVE 97 Starbucks 6187 MID RIVERS MALL DRIVE 99 Steak N Shake 5885 SUEMANDY DRIVE 96 Steak N Shake 1460 JUNGERMANN ROAD 89 Subway 272 MID RIVERS CENTER 99 Subway 631 SALT LICK ROAD 100 Subway 4644 OLD FARMHOUSE ROAD 100 Three Families Restaurant 4899 MEXICO ROAD 99 Valentis Meat Market 6750 MEXICO ROAD 99 Villages of St. Peters 5401 EXECUTIVE CENTRE PARKWAY 96 Walgreens 499 SALT LICK ROAD 100 Wendy's 1676 JUNGERMANN ROAD 94 White Castle 4201 VETERANS MEMORIAL PARKWAY 100
X95MP March 28, 2013 at 10:18 PM
Fred Oompahloompah March 28, 2013 at 11:27 PM
Hey Rich, try reading the text above. The link is in bright blue letters "Find the first half here"! Duh!
Fred Oompahloompah April 01, 2013 at 10:14 PM
Where are current inspections that are relevant? Who cares what these choke and pukes scores were back in Nov. 2012? These in spections are as worthless as teets on a bull! Just another worthless piece of carp from the Patch.


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