St. Peters Sets Forth Plans for Proposition P Projects

City prepares to begin work on storm water and park projects after the passage of Prop P earlier in August.

Storm water improvement projects in made possible by the passage of Proposition P on Aug. 7 are slated to being sooner rather than later. 

After voters passed Prop P with 68 percent of the vote, work could soon begin on several of the ready-to-go projects. All that's need is approval of the Board of Aldermen. 

During the Aug. 23 meeting, Assistant City Administrator Tim Wilkinson presented the board with a proposed road map of storm water and park projects now that the city will have the Prop P—a 4/10 of a cent sales tax increase—revenue coming in starting on Jan. 1, 2013. To get started, the board needs to approve some funding. 

Wilkinson said the city will use bonds to pay for the projects. Before any of the projects can begin, the board will need to spend the next several months securing funds. The board will be asked to take steps to issue $4 million in General Obligation Bonds to fund the StormWater Projects targeted for completion in 2012 and 2013. Wilkinson asked the Board will be asked to pass a resolution of intent on Sept. 13 to reimburse for expenditures made between September and the actual bond sale date. 

If the bond purchase is approved, the city will use the Prop P funds to pay off the bonds. The $4 million bond is just the first in a series of planned bonds. The bonds are being used because the city can get the funds right away. Instead of waiting for a fund to fill up, the city can go get projects done right away. The plan, for now, is to issue a new set of bonds in two years and repeat as needed. 

Wilkinson said the plan is for the city to take the more than 100 planned projects and put them into chunks. Projects that are ready to go now will go first. Some projects still need to be in the design phase, so the city will tackle them further down the road. 

Proposed Prop P Project List

Replacement playground equipment 

  • Shady Springs Park: $200,000, Spring 2013
  • $50,000, Spring 2014
  • : $200,000, Spring, 2015
  • : $150,000, Spring 2014

Mid-Rivers Football

  • Practice field lights: $80,000, Summer 2013
  • New scoreboard: $20,000, Fall 2012

SPAA (Baseball)

  • Restrooms by field (26,27,28): $155,000, Summer 2013
  • Turf to Infields (Legion): $10,000, Fall 2012

SCCYSA (Soccer) 

  • Light two fields (Woodlands): $100,000, Spring 2013

CYC/Sts. Joachim & Ann/All Saints

  • Concession Stand and Rest Room at Sports Center: $150,000, Spring 2014

Junior Lions Football

  • Pavilion/restroom at Community Park: $150,000, Fall 2014

  • Replace Scoreboard in Natatorium: $125,000, Fall 2012
  • Update Sound System in Rinks: $75,000, Fall 2012

St. Peters Senior Center

  • Exercise and recreational equipment and tables: $50,000, Fall 2012

Additional Projects:

  • Lakeside Archery Range: $100,000, Spring 2013
  • Dog Park Phase I: $65,000, Fall 2013
  • Dog Park Phase II: $50,000, Fall  2015
  • Pavilions: $745,000, Summer 2013

Storm Water Projects

McClay Valley Retention Basin

  • Design 2013, construct 2014: $1.6 Million

Country Creek Retention Basin 

  • Construct: Fall 2012, $100,000

Canyon Creek Detention Basin (190 Residents Served) 

  • Construct: Fall 2012, $183,000

Pegasus Farms Stream Stability & Detention Basins

  • Design 2013, Construct 2014: $260,000 

Crown Colony Detention Basin

  • Construct 2013: $173,000

Henry Street Storm Sewer

  • Construct 2013: $450,000

Enwood Detention Basin

  • Construct 2013: $10,000

Applewood Detention Basin

  • Construct 2013: $97,000

Country Crossing & Country Crossing Estates Stream Stability & Riparian Renovation

  • Construct 2013: $388,000

Englewood Stream Stability & Riparian Renovation

  • Design 2013, Construct 2014: $661,000

Crescent Hills & Springwood Stream Stability & Riparian Renovation

  • Design 2013, Construct 2014: $811,000

Misty Valley, Orchard Hills, Spencer Creek East, & Carrington Estates Stream Stability & Riparian Renovation, Culvert Replacement 

  • Design 2013, Construct 2014: $3.2 million

Highlands & Highland Estates Stream Stability & Riparian Renovation, Detention Basins  

  • Design 2013, Construct 2014: $1.7 million

Additional Projects

  • HS-1(Church to Grand Teton): $622,800, 2013
  • Country Lake Estates: $110,000, 2013
  • Turnberry Gardens: $60,000, 2013
Landon Shaw August 29, 2012 at 05:06 PM
Joe, I asked because there was a sign at the Arts Centre before voting day saying that Prop P would be providing certain items (no need to go into detail) for the Arts Centre. So, based on that, I was looking forward to seeing what they may be and when I didn't see it on the list I was somewhat confused. Thanks!
J. B. August 29, 2012 at 06:04 PM
More St. Peters waste. Now, the can't even wait for the money to be collected but will issue bonds (which cost money to do) then issue more bonds in later years (yet more overhead). Yep, St. Peters never saw a dime in someone else's pocket that they didn't want and the get it because so few go to the polls.
Joanna Houedsen August 30, 2012 at 01:50 PM
"we" didn't all vote for this. I know "I" didn't vote for it. it's a bad joke.
Jennifer August 30, 2012 at 03:43 PM
When less than 10% of the community votes, who's fault is that? What we SHOULD be upset about is the apathy of our neighbors and not about what some people are actually DOING to make this a better place to live!
will August 30, 2012 at 08:56 PM
We didn't ALL vote for this; I can proudly say that I'm one of the minority who voted against it. If you think you paid a lot of tax for those few groceries, just wait until you need to replace your car or make major home repairs/improvements....and it's going to be a whole lot more than 4 cents. You surely didn't believe all that blather from the city saying that non-residents were going to pay for all the overspending. Most of the projects on this list are being performed for the benefit of private entities (some of them are even for-profit businesses) or are being done on private property including the renovation of private subdivision lakes (you will still have no access to them even though public tax money paid for them). A note of solace, when you're broke from paying all the high taxes and more businesses have moved to lower tax areas so you can't find a local job, you can always take your kids to one of our parks to play on the $200,000.00 swing set. ...and you can even visit this site and voice your opinion on what to do with even more vacant commercial properties.


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