T-Mobile Tower Turned Away By Zoning Commission

The St. Peters Planning and Zoning Commission recommends new cell phone towers not be built.

The third time wasn't the charm for T-Mobile.

At of the St. Peters Planning and Zoning Commission the telecommunications company had two public hearings for two towers in similar locations in St. Peters. One tower was proposed for a pocket park on the corner of Spencer and Williott Roads. The other tower, which was on the agenda for the third time, was proposed for a location west of Universal Drive in a residential area. 

Both towers failed to garner support from the Commission. The P and Z voted to recommend to the Board of Aldermen a denial of the requests. 

Zoning Commission Chairman Keith McNames against the towers. Two meetings ago, McNames told T-Mobile that the residential location was less than ideal for the city and the company should look at another location—the pocket park. In September, T-Mobile before being able to make the October meeting. 

The pocket park was proposed as a satisfactory location because a few years back the Commission had already approved a tower, but one was never built. The tower would be an extension of an Ameren pole. T-Mobile's proposal didn't use the existing pole. Instead, T-Mobile proposed a slightly different location for a brand new pole. 

William Jenkins, representing T-Mobile through CIS Communications, LLC., said the Ameren pole wouldn't work. He said that Ameren poles wouldn't allow the location to be used for cohabitation. Jenkins said his plan put six antennas on the tower, whereas Ameren would only allow three. The new tower could house more companies. 

Ward 2 Alderman Jerry Hollingsworth was not happy with the reasoning. 

"This looks like you're looking for more revenue potential for T-Mobile," he said.
Residents came out again to speak out against the pocket park pole. 

"I'm not sure that you all have researched or developed this throughly enough to recognize the sensitivity of the residents in the area" McNames said. "… I don't believe I can support this application. You've got some work to do before you come back to us."

The Commission agreed and voted to recommend a disapproval by the Board of Aldermen.

Following the vote, T-Mobile took one last shot at the Universal Drive location—their preferred location. Just like it did two meetings prior, the location didn't please the Commission. Residents didn't want a tower in their neighborhood near the water tower. The Commission again voted to recommend a disapproval by the Board of Aldermen.

The items will be on the Oct. 25 Aldermen meeting. 

Other Notes

  • The Board approved home occupation permits for three applicants.
  • For the second straight meeting, Truck Centers, Inc. failed to show for a public hearing. The public hearings will now take place in November.
  • One Way Construction was given temporary use permit for a shingle recycling company located on the South side of Route 370 and east of Spencer Road. The company recycles roof shingles for a material to use in road building. The plan is to build a more permanent facility on the location.
  • CVS Pharmacy's site plan was approved. 




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