Violet Retains Ward 3 Seat With Win Against Walker

Terri Violet keeps her seat on the St. Peters Board of Aldermen following an election night victory over challenger Michelle Walker.

The third time turned out to be the charm for Terri Violet.

After coming up short in back-to-back elections for a seat serving Ward 3 on the St. Peters Board of Aldermen, Violet was the big winner in Tuesday's municipal elections. With all 9 precincts reporting, Violet defeated her challenger, Michelle Walker, 785 (56.23 percent) to 607 (43.48 percent).

Violet's win keeps her on the board as one of the two representative for Ward 3. She attempted to gain a spot in both 2011 and 2012, but fell short at the polls each time. Despite the loses, Violet found herself on the dais at the St. Peters Justice Center in September following the resignation of Gus Elliott. 

Elliott, who defeated Violet in 2011, resigned following an investigation by the city. St. Peters Mayor Len Pagano tabbed Violet as his replacement to fill out the term until April's election. With her win Tuesday night, Violet will fill out the remaining two years of Elliott's term—meaning the election veteran will finally get a spring away from campaigning in 2014. 

If she chooses to run again, Violet's next election will be in the spring of 2015 when terms of incumbents Dave Thomas (Ward 1), Judy Batemen (Ward 2) and Don Aytes (Ward 4) are also finished. 

The Violet/Walker battle was the lone race in St. Peters this election cycle. There was, however, another issue on the ballot for all St. Peters voters, not just those in Ward 3. St. Peters Proposition 1 asked St. Peters voters to annex a portion of Highway 94 right-of-way. The move would clear up jurisdiction should respond to emergency services on a stretch of highway that has no homes or businesses. 

Prop 1 passed 3,047 (78.94 percent) to 813 (21.06 percent).

Michael A Shea April 03, 2013 at 02:36 AM
Congratulations to Alderman Terri Violet on her election win. She has worked hard for the residents these past 6 months as alderman, and can be expected to continue her dedication to the people of Ward 3 and St Peters. She is now the 1st Veteran woman to be elected to the St Peters Board of Alderman. As a trustee, I look forward to working with Alderman Violet and city officials to improve our neighborhood and city.
L. J. Launer April 03, 2013 at 03:12 AM
Congratulations to Alderman Violet.
Jaycen Rigger April 03, 2013 at 01:31 PM
Both Walker and Violet make "the parks" system a "priority" in their campaigns. The economy is a disaster, companies are laying people off, Violet starts her website off stating she understands fiscal responsibility, but then we're passing new tax hikes to "pay for park improvements". I hope Violet is more fiscally responsible that it would appear at first glance. St. Peters already has a lot of parks that are beautiful places. We don't need to spend more of our taxpayer dollars on parks when so many people are struggling. Though, I suppose when you're out of work, you'll have a nice park to visit that those who still have jobs bought for you. Of course, if individuals and businesses weren't spending more money on taxation to improve parks, they might have more money to hire people.
The Truth April 03, 2013 at 03:23 PM
People are struggling because they are not financial responsible. They have things they want but do not need, right now you are spending about 80$-100$ a month for internet and TV, most likely have a cell phone you pay 50-99$ a month on, but complian about a 30 cent or less tax increase? Drive by a park today that's not in the best of shape and look a little kid in the eye and tell them you will not help pay for a new play area for them, because we don't need to fix up parks for the children.
Carole Paul April 03, 2013 at 05:36 PM
Congratulations Alderman Violet!! In spite of your opponent's out of state PAC money and dirty campaign tactics, you ran a clean race. At least St. Peters ward 3 has 1 Alderman they can put their trust in, Terri Violet!
Fred Oompahloompah April 05, 2013 at 03:27 PM
Yes, the most over used words of a politician : Trust Me, your concern is my concern! Ha!
Carole Paul April 05, 2013 at 06:56 PM
Come on Gary VD get used to hearing it! And your candidate needs to quit saying she got 46% of the vote when she only got 43.48% to Terri Violet's 56.23%. That's Terri at 785 votes to Walker at only 607 votes, or just say Terri ran away with it, winning by 13% even though she was outspent by 4-1 by out of state PAC money and in state unions.


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