Fort Zumwalt Board Approves Bus Routes, Leases New Computers

Fort Zumwalt will be getting 727 new computers as part of a new lease agreement.

Buses and bus routes for the 2012-13 school year were secured during Monday's meeting of the . 

Back in January the board for the fleet. The decision was made back in January to ensure that the buses would be in the fleet by July 1. On Monday, the board was asked to approve a lease agreement for the eight new buses.

In addition to approving the eight new buses, the lease for the 143 other buses was up and also had to be renewed. With the student population for next year predicted to be the same as the current year, no additional buses were added to the deal. 

The board approved the contract for the eight new buses, as well as the lease for the 143 others. 

After making sure the buses would be around, the board approved the bus route plan for next year with a unanimous vote. 

New Computers Acquired

In an effort to make sure student computers don't get too old and outdated, Zumwalt prefers to lease computers instead of buying. The lease agreement for several of the computer was up, forcing the district to come up with a new agreement. 

Monday the board approved a new four-year lease contract to re-stock the district with newer computers. The agreement calls for 727 Dell computers. The lease agreement will cost $531,872. 

In the agreement, Zumwalt will get 577 Optiplex 390 desktop computers, 150 Dell Latitude E5520 laptops, 727 asset stickers and 150 mouse pads. The mouse pads are free. 

The computers will be leased through an agreement with American Capital Leasing. 

Other notes

  • Every year the district must approve rates for game officials for sports. Deputy Superintendent Patty Corum said the rates for the upcoming year were very similar for most sports, with only a slight increase in a few others. The board approved the new rates.
  • Along with approving the offical pay, the board voted to keep the admission prices to games the same. A varsity event costs $4 for adults and $2 for students. 
  • The board also approved additional contract days for certain personnel. 
  • After , the board will conduct a special meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 25, to approve the new budget and complete other end-of-the-year tasks. 


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