Hodits, Seider Sworn in on Francis Howell Board

Marty Hodits was also named President with Mark Lafata serving as Vice President at Thursday's meeting.

Marty Hodits can't stop winning this week.

The Francis Howell Board of Education member retained his seat on the board with a won in . Thursday night at the board's meeting Hodits, after being sworn in to begin his new three-year term on the board, was elected the new president of the board. 

"Together, I think we have a great outlook," Hodits said. "... We will become a team."

Hodits' presidency is just one of many changes for the board. Thursday's meeting kicked off with the departure of former Vice President Steve Johnson. During a tearful moment, Johnson thanked his supporters and fellow board members for the kinds and stepped down from the dais. 

Johnson's seat wasn't empty for long. Eric Seider, who won a spot on the board by just 28 votes, soon stepped up to the plate.

"Let's put away the politics and do what's best for our kids," Seider said to the Board. 

After Seider and Hodits were sworn in and the board went about a reorganization.

Seider wasted little time getting involved with the board. After Hodits defeated former President Mike Sommer with four votes—Mark Lafata, Cynthia Bice, Hoditis and Seider all voted for Hodits—Seider nominated Lafata for the vice presidents' spot. After a moment of contemplation, Lafata accepted.

With four votes, again from Lafata, Bice, Hodits and Seider, Lafata was able to defeat Mike Sommer to become the new Vice President. 

Amy McEvovy was the unanimous choice to take over as treasurer and long-time Board Secretary Patty Knight kept her spot. 

During the meeting Hodits stumbled with some of the parlimentary procedures required of the president. He vowed to get that fixed.

"I want to apologize for being a little raw on that," he said. "I'll get better."

fh dad April 07, 2012 at 07:09 PM
The teachers are paid at least ten percent higher than any district in the county. Hazelwood got 1 percent and I think fort zumwalt got 2 percent. Why is this district giving the teachers 3.7 percent for the next two years? Our teachers will be paid at least 15 percent higher than any other district in St.Charles county. It is very tough financial times right now and the teachers should look to help with taking reduced raises or none at all. If the teachers did not get a raise this year or next year they would still be making than any district in this county. The problem with the board now is that they are all about the teachers and they should be about the kids. Hodits is married to a teacher, Lafatta is dating a teacher, Amy is a teacher in a different district and appears to be fairly reasonable. These board members must think of the good of the district and not just the teachers. I would love to have a teacher tell me why they are entitled to make 15 percent more than teachers in other districts in this county.
Getaclu April 08, 2012 at 02:31 AM
Francis Howell teachers do not make 15% more than other teachers in this county. FH teachers do make more than other teachers in this county. We have the most educated staff in the county and we have the best test scores in the county. We dont need to take a cut nor did we need our salaries to be frozen. It is interesting to me that you would rather have turf fields than highly qualified teachers. FH dad, where are your priorities?
fh dad April 10, 2012 at 03:40 AM
My priorities are to have a great school distrct for the next ten to twenty years. Having board members who only think of the teachers best interest will eventually hurt this district. We do have the highest test scores in the county. We have some great teachers in our district. We also have some average teachers in our district. It would be interesting to find out how much of the test scores are because we are the oldest district in the county and our systems are just better than the other districts and how much would be contributed to the fact that our teachers are better. I believe its a little bit of both. I stated that at the end of the two years, our teachers will be making 15 percent more than the competing districts. This is based on our district getting 7.4 percent increases over the next two years and the other districts getting 2-3 percent increases. Right now, based on the 2010 figures (from the post) the average teacher in fh makes $55,500 and the next highest district is $51000. The next highest district is around $49000. I know our teachers are good but they are not that good. Many companies and even government agencies have their pay frozen. What makes teachers so special that they don't have to participate in the economic turn down?
fh dad April 23, 2012 at 01:28 PM
No responses. I guess even the teachers can not justify these crazy ratings. Its up to the voters to vote these board members out next time.
Getaclu April 23, 2012 at 02:29 PM
FH dad... What do you want justification on?


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