Serve St. Charles during 608 SERVE Week

Volunteer in St. Charles to collective log 608 service hours in the community, September 10-16, in 608 SERVE Week.

Volunteer in St. Charles to make powerful impact on the community, September 10-16, in 608 SERVE Week.

St. Charles Patch and Church of the Shepherd are teaming up and enlisting the community to volunteer a collective 608 hours of service in the St. Charles community in just one week, September 10-16. The 6:08 SERVE Week challenges the community to come out in full force to serve their neighbor.

Opportunities are provided at http://www.coswired.org/608 right now with organizations such as and among others. Sign up for an evening project or submit your own and contribute your service hours if you don't see it on the list. Free T-shirts will be given to all who participate by signing up or submitting their service hours to the project at the mentioned web site. 

"We want this to be an exciting goal to reach while showing our community how easy and rewarding it can be to serve a neighbor," said Kevin Shepard, service chair for 6:08 at COS located at highway 94 and Jungermann, behind Walmart. 

Church of the Shepherd's 6:08 Sunday evening worship community is behind 608 SERVE Week. It's known as "a service that serves"  where weekly worship is only part of what they do. The 608 SERVE Week is testament to that.

"We offer weekly, monthly and even daily opportunities to connect people with volunteer work in the community," said Steve Blacksher, associate pastor at COS and 6:08 ministry leader. "The 608 SERVE Week is our opportunity as a community to serve in a big way.

The Bible verse Isaiah 6:8 is the response to God's question of "Whom shall I send? Send me! Send me!" And that's exactly the message that motivates them, even meeting at 6:08 to further keep that mantra top of mind.

The group is aiming high to hit 608 volunteer hours in just one week. Why?

"Why not?" Blacksher said. He jokes, but says he is encouraged by the responses of the community already this year to serve one another. 

"We started the 6:08 service in January of this year and already exceeded our annual goal of logging 608 service hours by the first of the summer. It's exciting to see people's passion to give of their time and gifts to help those less fortunate." 

For those looking to join the 608 SERVE Week project, they are encouraged to go to http://www.coswired.org/608 and select an opportunity. 

Projects mostly run from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on weeknights and throughout the day on both Saturday and Sunday.  

For more information about Church of the Shepherd, go to www.coswired.org.


TERI NOTORANGELO September 14, 2012 at 06:09 PM
We went to The Crisis Nursery last night to volunteer for a couple of hours. What an awesome place and how blessed we are to have one in St. Charles. The girls working there need a gold star. They are wonderful and very informative. The kids that came in had plenty of things to do, they all got a bath and had a lot of attention given to them. Feeling the need to go back and donate more time and items to them. God bless!
Kalen Ponche September 14, 2012 at 06:41 PM
Thanks for sharing Teri!


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