St. Peters Woman Reveals Life Experiences, Accomplishments and Interests

Alfreeda Meyer has traveled the country, played the rolling pins and had success as an Avon representative.

Alfreeda Meyer, who recently turned 93, has had many experiences throughout her years. She worked as an Avon representative, played in a band and got married in a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

Meyer lived in St. Peters for many years, but moved to Meadowlands Assisted Living in 2009 when the facility opened.

Meyer was born in the small town of Morely, Missouri, located near Cape Girardeau. One of four kids, she moved to the St. Louis metro area at 9 years old.

Meyer and her siblings came by train to Union Station. Upon her arrival, Meyer said she didn’t know what to make of the new city.

“When I got off the train and saw the dome in Union Station above my head, I thought the whole city was under a roof,” she said with a chuckle.

Her family moved to the city for more job opportunities for her mother, a dress maker. Meyer said her mother worked for many years as a seamstress.

Meyer worked at Woolworth’s at age 16 and said she later sold Avon. She began selling the goods when her first husband passed away and she needed to work.

“I did quite well—I received silver, gold and ruby buttons for my sales,” she said of her Avon years.

Meyer married her first husband, William “Bud” Rouse, in her parent’s home. The two were married for 30 years. She met her second husband, Walter Meyer, through her neighbor.

Her first date with her second husband was a double date, and took place on Valentine’s Day. A year-and-a-half later, the two got married in Las Vegas at the Chapel of the Bells, Meyer said.

An avid sports fan, her first husband, Bud, built a baseball diamond behind their house. The diamond was used often for family get-togethers, she said.

Family has been an important part of her life and Meyer said she has always had a close relationship with her family members, nearly all of which live in St. Peters. She is a great-great grandmother and her niece and nephew come to visit her often.

In addition to spending time with family, Meyer has taken up an interest in a variety of hobbies throughout her years. She did ceramics, made jewelry and played in a penny poker club.

Musician can be added to Meyer’s list of talents, as she played in kitchen band for nine years. She and her band mates used kitchen items to make music. Meyer said she led the crew, while wearing a red and white checkered apron, and she played two rolling pins.

The group played at nursing homes, schools and Shriners events. Meyer said she belonged to the PTA and got involved in the kitchen band through her son’s school.

Travelling is another of Meyer’s interests and she has travelled to Nevada, Florida and other states in the U.S.

Meyer admitted she's never had a formal "bucket list" but feels satisfied with what she has accomplished so far.

“I think I’ve had a pretty full life,” she said of her experiences.


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