Dog Training Franchise Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Sit Means Sit, located off of Highway 94 in St. Peters, offers a unique training program tailored for not only each dog's needs, but the needs of their owners as well, says owner of the St. Louis area franchise, Tony Lampert.

With warmer weather here and plans for days spent in the park, vacations and other outdoor activities, dog owners may find a need for a training program for man’s best friend. Luckily, St. Peters is home to a successful national dog training school called Sit Means Sit.

Tony Lampert, who has been running Sit Means Sit since 2008, has a long history of working with, and training, dogs. He owned several pet stores in St. Louis before finding the popular training franchise a few years ago.  

“We teach dogs the art of attention, we start there, if you can get a dog’s attention it’s easy,” said Lampert of the program.

Lampert said the program isn’t only based on dog obedience. Patrons of Sit Means Sit receive a free evaluation, where the trainers meet their dog and put together a program tailored to each dog. The success of the program is based around the fact that they customize the program for each dog’s needs and the needs of the owner.

 “We teach through distractions, such as other dogs, squirrels, rabbits, other things that get dogs in trouble,” he said of the unique process.

Even though the business is located in St. Peters, Lampert said the staff at Sit Means Sit does in-home training in both St. Louis County and St. Charles County.

While the program differs per dog,  Lampert said typically after three to four weeks of training, owners can expect to have dogs off their leash and understanding basic commands.

Lampert said he and his team of experts can handle any type of dog or issue, and they also work with dogs with aggression and separation anxiety problems.

When he is not working at Sit Means Sit training other people’s dogs, Lampert does a lot of competitions with his two year old Malinois. The Belgian Shepard, named Baxter, is the reigning 2010 iron dog world champion. Lampert said the competition represents the best of the best, and thanks to the pooch’s record-breaking jumps, Baxter and Lampert got an invitation to the world dog games in London later this year.

“It’s basically the dog Olympics and only a few dogs in the U.S. are going,” Lampert said.

Sit Means Sit is located at 2901 Old Hwy 94 S in St. Peters.  For more information, call (314) 576-4110, visit their website, or find them on Facebook.

Courtney May 24, 2011 at 09:00 PM
I use to work right by this place and I wouldn't use them. They let their dogs off leads in an area right by a pediatricians office, a park, a daycare center and a busy highway. I had one of their dogs almost get into my car with me on my lunch break one day. It made me so angry on behalf of the people trusting these people with their pets.
Tom August 07, 2012 at 09:57 PM
It's sad that Tony Lampert has continued ripping off consumers and is now getting away with acting like a hero. Beware of this man, he is a fraud with a long list of ripped off consumers. He was sued by Microsoft for stealing people's personal information and went to trial for committing computer abuse fraud along with running a huge pyramid scheme that ripped off thousands of innocent people. He was found guilty and fined $24 MILLION dollars. And now, he is ripping off people and their pets. Look him up on Missouri Casenet, you will see he has been sued countless times under different variations of his name. He's not a dog trainer or champion, he is a fraud and con-artist. Google his name along with "fraud" and you'll find the truth.


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