Harvester Man Arranged Heroin Sale, Police Say

Police said the defendant told them he's a criminal "and that's all I'll be."

A St. Charles County man faces drug charges after detectives said he sold heroin to an undercover officer in August 2010. The man was not charged with the crime until two weeks ago.

Jeramie Conner, 23, of the 3700 block of Nottingham Court in the Harvester area, was charged Nov. 13 with distributing a controlled substance.

A St. Charles County Drug Task Force detective said he met with Conner and another man, Kierston Miller, to buy heroin from Conner. He met the two in a Time Centre Apartments parking lot in St. Peters. The detective sat in the back seat, with Conner in the front passenger seat and Miller in the driver’s seat.

Miller handed the undercover detective two baggies of black tar heroin for $200. As the detective left the car, he said Conner pulled him aside and told him he had a connection for China white heroin, and gave him his cell phone number.

Due to technical difficulties, the transaction was not recorded, according to court documents. Conner was arrested Nov. 12 and said he arranged the transaction with Miller. He said he felt he was cheated because he received no compensation for arranging the meeting.

Police said Conner told them he did not trust law enforcement and called himself a criminal “and that’s all I'll be.”

Bail for Conner was set at $10,000, cash only.

Police said as a result of the investigation, Miller is now in federal prison.

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