Board Approves Circle K Special Use Permit

With the 8-0 approval the St. Peters convenience store can begin rebuilding.

The Circle K rebuild can begin. 

Following January's fire, the convenience store at Spencer and Mexico Road was required to apply for a special use permit in order to rebuild. Enough damage was done by the blaze—estimated at $700,000—the city decided Circle K needed to undergo the procedure of a new business. With city code changing since the building originally opened, St. Peters decided Circle K needed to adhere to the new standards before it could re-open.

After gaining approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission, all that was left to do was gain the approval of the Board of Aldermen. Following a short a presentation, the board approved the special use permit with a 8-0 vote during the April 25 meeting. 

City staff recommend the board approve the measure. Citing the unique nature of the property, Julie Powers, director of planning, community and economic development for St. Peters, told the board at Thursday's meeting that the the small site didn't lend itself to a whole lot of other uses beyond a gas station. Along with the fact that Circle K has been successfully in business for a number of years, Powers said city staff and the Planning and Zoning Commission approved all plans and variances and recommended the board do the same. 

Scott Fehl, an architect with Nova Group Inc., told the board that he thought the changes being made to the building were actually improving the look of the store. The front mansard that fell during the fire will be eliminated and replaced with a red and white front with the Circle K logo. Additionally, the plans call for the store to move the doors and replace the chain-link fence around the dumpster and replace it with a concrete enclosure. 

In addition to the cosmetic changes, the building will be getting a new roof.

After the short presentation, the board unanimously approved the permit. 


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