Board Approves Purchase of New Police Cars

St. Peters Police will soon have eight new cars after unanimous approval by the Board of Aldermen.

Eight new police cars on the way to St. Peters.

The voted unanimously to approve a purchase of eight new Ford Police Interceptors to replace older model cars currently in service. The only issue raised about the purchase of the cars had nothing to do with cost, but rather location.

The proposed contract was made with Joe Machens Ford in Columbia, MO. Ward 3 Alderman Gus Elliott said he had a resident contact him wondering why the city wasn't making the purchase closer to home. Health and Environmental Services manager Dave Kuppler said there were two factors that made the city seek out a deal with Joe Machens Ford.

Kuppler said that since the city doens't have a Ford dealership and wanted to keep the fleet all Fords, it was forced to look beyond city limits. After the bidding process, Joe Machens Ford submitted the lowest bid—a bid Kuppler said was significantly lower than anyone else. Kuppler said the city consulted with Pundmann Ford in St. Charles and Pundmann said it wouldn't be able to come anywhere near the bid. In order to get the best deal, Kuppler said, Joe Machens Ford made the most sense. 

Each new car will cost $23,373 for a total cost of $186,984. The eight new cars will replace several 2008 cars and one 2006 car currently used by the department. 

Even though the new cars will be Fords like the current cars, the new patrol cars will be a different model. Ford no longer makes the Crown Victoria. In place of the Crown Vic, Ford is making a car specifically to be used as a police car called the Police Interceptor. Kuppler said the vehicle will look, and behave, like a souped-up Ford Taurus.

Traditionally the city has added new cars every year, but decided against a purchase in 2011 to save money. The replacement plans called for seven new cars, but the police needed another cruiser after a December accident totaled an officer's car. Even with the addition of the extra car, Kuppler said the purchase order should still come in under budget. 

The new cars, once purchased, will be integrated into the fleet by the end of the year. 

Road Name Change Debated

A stretch or road extended from the entrance of the new 370 Lakeside Park has become problematic. 

Drivers exiting Highway 370 are faced with signs for Truman Road, Cave Springs Road and Lakeside Park Drive, which may be confusing since it is all one road. , the Planning and Zoning Commission sought to simplify the road. After hearing from Central County Fire and Rescue, the Commission voted the section north of Highway 370 would remain Lakeside Park Drive, while the area south would become Truman Road. 

Thursday night, the Board pushed a resolution forward that would change the roadway name. The area north of Premier Parkway toward 370 Lakeside Park will be known as Lakeside Park Drive. The roadway leading south from Premier Parkway to West Clay, south of Interstate 70, will be Harry S Truman Boulevard.

Cave Springs Road will be the roadway from West Class, north across I-70, to the intersection with Mexico Road and Muegge Road. Muegee Road would pick up after the intersection and continue until Route 364.

The Board will vote on the change at a later meeting. 

Other Notes

  • Board President Tommy Roberts announced he is once again a father. Hayley Morgran Roberts was born last week to Roberts and his wife Karen. Roberts said the baby was 8 pounds, 9 ounces, and 22 inches long. Roberts said she "looks just like her daddy." 
  • The city will purchasing new blue recycling bags for this year. After workers complained that the bags were too dark and it was hard to distinguish what was trash and what wasn't, the city plans to switch to a more see-thru bag. 
  • Starting at the Feb. 9, meeting, the city will be hosting local businesses. As a way to promote St. Peters, four local businesses will be given one minute to make a presentation at each Board moving forward.


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